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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Who's the girl behind the mask? 7 things about me / Vem är hon bakom masken? 7 saker om mig

I was tagged by Ann Flowers of A Beautiful Party to write 7 things about myself and ask 7 other creative bloggers to do the same. Jag har blivit taggad av Ann Flowers från A Beautiful Party att skriva 7 saker om mig själv och be 7 andra kreativa bloggare att göra likadant.

1. I drink black coffee in the morning and afternoon and green tea (lemon) at night.
2. I like to travel by air and I like the feeling when my head is pushed back against the chair during take-off.
3. Some of my favourite places are Rome, London, a beach I went to in France and a beach in Härnösand.
4. I don't have Photoshop.
5. I only feel bored when I'm waiting for people to respond to my messages. I like instant interaction.
6. I once went to Assisi to see Giotto's little crying angel in the painting here.
7. I like efficiency.

1. Jag dricker svart kaffe när det är morgon och eftermiddag och grönt té (citron) på natten.
2. Jag gillar att flyga och känslan när huvudet trycks bakåt när planet lyfter.
3. Några av mina favoritplatser är Rom, London, en strand jag varit till i Frankrike och en strand i Härnösand.
4. Jag har inte Photoshop.
5. Jag känner mig bara uttråkad ibland, när jag väntar på att folk ska svara på mina meddelanden. Jag gillar omedelbar kommunikation.
6. En gång åkte jag till Assisi för att se Giottos lilla gråtande ängel i
den här målningen.
7. Jag gillar effektivitet.



A Beautiful Party said...

I like that you like efficiency! Fun!

Melissa A said...

I like that feeling in the airplane too when you head is forced back into the seat during take-off. I'm flying this Saturday to Israel. I'll be enjoying that feeling soon. I'm with you on #4 too, but I wish I had photoshop.

anna said...

Fun to read! We've got the same drinking habits, nothing better than black coffee in the morning:) and green tea later on. I wish I was a bit more efficient, that's a constant struggle for me.
Enjoy your coffee!

OneCraftyFox said...

Girl, are we the same person? LOL! Last night I was thinking of what to post on my blog next and I remembered having gone to a masquerade 3 yrs ago. So I thought, "aha! I'll post a pic of me in a mask and give a quick bio". How strange! I won't do it anymore now though since it's already been done by you :) Fab blog!

Sara said...

You forget to mention that you are beautiful!

Flying Whale said...

i love that you went all the way to Assisi for 1 angel in a painting with many.

* i like that airplane take off feeling too but my favourite is the bump bump bounce of landing! *that way i KNOW i'm safe and didn't crash into the ocean wear sharks would eat me* ;)

Unknown said...

it's so good to read these things about you! I want to know this: where in France was the beach, and what software do you use if you don't have photoshop?

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

top secret and top secret :)

kidding - I use very basic software but most of what people think is done digitally is in fact painted (with paint, a brush and my hands) or digital double exposures.

Laura Bray said...

I didn't know you didn't use Photoshop. That makes you even more amazing! I'll try to get going on my list.

NikonSniper said...

thanks for thinking of me. wow i am busy but this one doesn't seem too difficult. i will give it a whirl soon.
nikonsniper steve

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Enjoyed your 7 things posting. I, too, kinda enjoy that feeling of being pushed against the seat in flight take off.

julochka said...

ack! this is one of those i read on my iPhone and didn't get back to!! must write 7 random things (if there's anything left that everyone doesn't already know!). :-)

i love that you don't have photoshop, but admit i'm also surprised. how do you do all that layering without it?

i love to fly too. :-)

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