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Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh no! The birds!! / Neej! Fåglarna!!!

Remember the birds, not leaves, in the tree? (Scroll down a couple of posts.) They got drunk on berries, flew into a school window and died. Bizarre video proof from the local newspaper. I'm receiving contradictory information that the birds were just really drunk and later got up and flew away, so hopefully that's true. Don't drink and fly.
Titta på fåglarna jag fotograferade ett par inlägg ned. Tydligen åt de jästa bär, blev fulla, flög in i ett skolfönster och dog. Videobevis här. Jag får precis motstridiga uppgifter som säger att fåglarna bara var väldigt fulla och kvicknade till igen, så förhoppningsvis är det sant.


A Beautiful Party said...

how funny but not funny? very bizarre story. I think I woke up to a bird flying into my window this morning. Maybe it was drunk too. I live in a college neighborhood so they could have found a beer to drink.

Natalia said...

Oh wow! Poor birdies! I hope they are okay.

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Strange thing is that there are loads of berries left in the tree outside my building - guess they weren't alcoholic enough? :-(

Anonymous said...

kind of funny actually. <33

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