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Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter! / Glad Påsk!

Easter cats and daffodils and fika and cat on photographer's back and waffles and sunshine and a self-portrait and a yellow dress.
Påskkatter och påskliljor och en katt på fotografens rygg och våfflor och sol och självporträtt och en gul klänning.

crocus, flowers, krokus, photo by Maria-Thérèse Sommar

crocus, catkins, spring, krokus, vår, vårbild, videkissar, vide, photo by Maria-Thérèse Sommar

Maria-Thérèse Sommar

photo by Louise



Snap said...

Happy Easter! Yellow dress and big blue eyes!

Laura T. said...

Hi! I just found you via A Fanciful Twist. It's still cold here in Chicago too. I love hearing about her warm weather & flowers! The photo with the cat on your back is great! I also like the one of the little table in the window with the great view. I like how the sun is shining through. The cold & snow outside but warm sun shining in!

A Magical Whimsy said...

Awwww...I love your cat...reminds me of a kitty I used to have named Harlequin...she was the sweetest cat ever!
Teresa in California

Boye By Red said...

This is a wonderful post. Love the colours and how playful your cat is.


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