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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day! / Glad alla hjärtans dag!

So... are you doing anything special for Valentine's day? Me, I hung a bag of vanilla cake hearts on a door because I thought it might be nice to do something unexpected and surprise someone!
Gör ni något särskilt nu på Alla hjärtans dag? Själv hängde jag en påse vaniljhjärtan på en dörr för jag tänkte att det skulle vara trevligt att överraska! 

Maria-Thérèse Sommar

Work-wise, I'm doing some website design at the moment and also a bit of analog photography. Yesterday I went outside and took an entire roll of double exposures - meaning I re-used a film I took last summer. When I've only used digital cameras for a while and go back to "film" cameras, I still tend to look at the back of the camera after each shot to see how it turned out, only there's nothing there... teeheee...

Vad gäller jobb så ägnar jag mig åt att designa lite hemsidor just nu och har även fotat lite analogt. I går gick jag ut och dubbelexponerade en hel filmrulle; jag hade fotat den i somras och nu använde jag hela rullen en gång till. När jag bara fotat digitalt länge och använder analoga kameror igen tittar jag gång på gång på baksidan av kameran för att se hur bilden blev, fast det syns ju inget där... haha... 



The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Oooop! Where did that silly picture go that I just took?? It must be interesting for you to go back to this method. Do you develop the film yourself or have it processed?

Happy Valentine's Day to you, Dear One! Guess what? Eating vegetarian tonight (falafel with hummus and baba ghanoush)!

Valentine hugs from us!
B & V

Unknown said...

Always love looking at your photos! Hope you had a lovely valentine's day--hanging those vanilla cake hearts sounds so sweet! I wish someone would do the same for me! Ha, I ate a lot of chocolate and hardly need more sweets!

xo Mary Jo

Lidiya said...

The heart coffee looks so so cute <3

cecylia said...

hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day too- your photos are so dreamy!

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