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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sun day

Today was a very sunny day in Härnösand which made me really happy... Actually, the first thing I saw was a huge full moon when I woke up unusually early, before 9. I've taken better photos of the moon before, though, I must say (2nd pic). Anyway, when daylight finally came, daylight actually did come, complete with sunshine, oh and did I mention there was sunshine today? I do hope all the sucky snow will melt away into spring very soon ;)

I dag var en solig dag i Härnösand vilket gjorde mig jätteglad... Faktiskt vaknade jag ovanligt tidigt, före 9, och såg en märkvärdig, stor fullmåne. Har dock tagit bättre bilder på månen tidigare, se bild 2. När solen gått upp kunde man faktiskt se solen i dag. Sa jag att det var soligt i dag? Nu hoppas jag all fulsnö smälter bort så snabbt som möjligt så det blir vår ;)



Flying Whale said...

i love the moon photo, with the little "steps" leading up to it. Did you try climbing to the moon?

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

Ohh, the weather truly looks incredible! <3 and what an adorable bird!

Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

Elizabeth said...

Wow, you really do well with nature shots there - that's a skill I can only dream of, particularly the moon photos!

You live in a very beautiful place even if maybe sometimes it seems the same all the time to you - I live in Colorado and I sometimes take the mountains for granted. Thanks for the peek into the beautiful world!

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