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Monday, May 30, 2011

Because my little sister picked flowers for me / För att min lillasyster plockat blommor åt mig

I now have a tiny meadow in my apartment. Så har jag en liten äng i min lägenhet.

photo by Louise

We did get a tiny bit of sunshine yesterday... and tonight I'm off to join the circus! Vi fick lite, lite sol i går... och i kväll kommer jag att ge mig av med cirkusen!

Hmmm. Or at least write about it for the newspaper. Yay! Eller åtminstone skriva om cirkus till tidningen. Jippi!


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The Gossamer Tearoom said...

How I do love these "Johnny Jump Ups"! I planted our whole front porch with flowers in pots yesterday and had a couple of boxes of the "Sorbet Mix" of these delightful sweeties! I wish I could pick some and send them to you!

You are joining the circus? What a fun idea!

Enjoy the sun and big hugs to you!


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