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Thursday, March 17, 2011

On my desk / På skrivbordet

and also these och de här

never a good idea to have a glass with brushes next to a cup of coffee! Much too easy to accidentally drink a bit of greenish blue beverage with far too little caffeine in it. 
aldrig en bra idé att ha ett glas med penslar bredvid en kopp kaffe! Lätt hänt att man dricker någon konstigt grönblå dryck med för lite koffein.


Lena Rollmar said...

Tack för din hälsning! Vad mysigt det ser ut med penslar, färger, ett vackert glas och en kopp gott kaffe. Om jag hade orkat hade jag tagit fram mina akvarellfärger.

Kram från mig!

elisa said...

Yes! I agree - it's never a good idea to keep your drink near your cup with brushes. I've had a lot of near misses with that one =)
Hope you are well!

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Yay to the crocus! See, I told you they would do great!

You, on the other hand, will not do so great if you keep drinking the "brush-water"!! I only know this because when I was little I rinsed my brushes in my lemonade so many times that my mother finally had to make a tiny rule saying that I couldn't drink and paint at the same time!

Must be a creative girl thing!

Hugs to you!


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