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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mysterious giant fireball in the sky from last night / Stort mystiskt eldklot på himlen i Härnösand i natt

Was I the only one who saw this weird thing in the sky last night? I know how it sounds but it's true and I took pictures. First she posts photos of herself in a swimsuit and then she sees UFO:s - no, not really, but shortly after 1 a.m. last night I saw a big ball of fire in the sky. It sparkled and fell down on Härnösand. I thought there would be an explosion but there was no crash.
Är jag den enda som såg den här konstiga saken på himlen i natt? Jag vet hur det låter men det är sant och jag tog bilder. Först lägger hon ut bilder på sig själv i baddräkt och sedan ser hon UFO:n... Nej, inte direkt, men kort efter klockan ett i natt såg jag ett stort eldklot på himlen. Det sprakade och föll ned i Härnösand. Jag trodde det skulle bli en explosion men det kom ingen smäll.

I didn't have time to change the lense on my camera so these were taken with a 50mm lense which isn't supposed to work with my camera, but you can clearly see the whole fireball thing which looks like the moon or the sun here. Only there was no moon or sun.
Jag hade inte tid att byta objektiv så de här är tagna med ett helmanuellt 50mm-objektiv som egentligen inte passar min kamera, men ni ser tydligt eldklotet som ser ut om en sol eller måne. Bara det att solen eller månen inte syntes.

I'm getting suggestions on Facebook that it was ball lightning, and I think I believe it was a meteorological oddity and not... you know...
Jag får förslag på Facebook att det var en klotblixt eller kulblixt och jag tror att jag tror att det var en meteorologisk konstighet och inte... ni vet...

P.S. Reported it to the International Meteor Organization. Thank you The Gossamer Tearoom for the link! / Jag har rapporterat in eldbollen. Tack till The Gossamer Tearoom för länken!



The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Ooooh! How exciting! And how lucky that you caught it to show us! I just Google'd "fireball + Sweden" and this is what I got:

It's a blog post with another video and asking people who saw anything to contact The International Meteor Organization (link is in the blog page)!


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...


This one didn't have a "tail" and wasn't as fast though. It just descended quite slowly but there were sparkles all around it.
Will contact the meteor organization!

Katarina Cinnamon said...

Vad spännande och intressant. Önskar jag hade fått se det också.

Louise | Italy said...

Wow -- great pic! How exciting! Came to your blog via Fi on Facebook. Mind if I look around?

Snap said...

wow! awesome and cool, too!

Flying Whale said...

Ooooo, a night sky mystery, how fantastic!!!

i saw something like this once upon a time. the one i saw had a tail, it was so huge it seemed close enough to have reached out and touch (ouch, singed fingertips).

moa said...

VA!! Förstår du dödsångesten jag får. Min största rädsla är... UFOn. Utomjordningar. Burr Hurr. Var i härnösand såg du detta? Var föll den ner?

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