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Monday, July 5, 2010

My exhibition, now ONLINE! / Min utställning, nu PÅ INTERNET!

Thank you everyone for your kind comments about my exhibition. I thought I should show you all the photos so here is a slideshow. The exhibition is called From darkness to light. / Tack för alla snälla kommentarer om utställningen. Jag tänkte att jag skulle visa alla fotografierna så här kommer ett bildspel. Utställningen heter Från mörker till ljus.



Pretty Things said...


The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dear Maria-Thérèse,
Thank you so much for making your exhibit available for us all to see! I love the contrast between the pictures. Was the carousel in Paris?
Great work!


Artsnark said...

fantastic selection & great theme

Snap said...


Hang in there! Your work is spectacular!

Ulla said...


Katarina Cinnamon said...

Så vackra bilder...... längtar efter bilden jag köpte :-)

Eileen said...

Beautiful, as always! Gorgeous show.

Margaret said...

Marie-Therese, I was thrilled to learn that you don't even have Photoshop!

There is a TV show here in the US now, called "Work of Art" which is like "Project Runway" or "Top Chef", in that they are looking for the "next great American artist" who will win an exhibit at a New York (well, Brooklyn) museum and a $100,000 prize sponsored by Prismacolors.

They have judges who are gallerists and art critics, but not artists -- however they do have guest artists as judges.

This last week they had Andres Serrano who did "Piss Christ" and the assignment was to make a piece of art that was shocking. Results were more "gross" or disgusting than shocking...

Anyway, I've been disappointed to see how many of these artists rely on photography and on Photoshop.

They literally cannot start even a painting without taking a photograph and then adjusting it in Photoshop, and painting from that.

Others are purely photographers who also run all their pictures through Photoshop too.

Personally, I love the handmade touch of your pictures -- I have bought many of your handmade books and treasure the covers, particuularly the one at the left here I see, which has the girl with gesso? or white paint? smooshed around her.

I was so sorry to hear of the damage to your artwork caused by the humidity. I gather there is rain all over Europe -- we see huge crashes in the Tour de France. Global warming...

I hope you can save as much of your work as possible, especially the "Secrets" book. I long to buy that, but I'm on an economy campaign right now and can't afford such luxuries!

You are so lucky to live where you do. Not only is it beautiful, but you don't have to worry about health care (I cannot get care for a back injury which has basically disabled me due to severe pain), education, and so many other things that make it hard to take pleasure in life. Off my soapbox, anyway. Good luck with your books.

Margaret Shank -

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