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Monday, June 28, 2010

Car crash in paradise / Krock i paradiset

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I was going to post photos of a beautiful meadow. My sister was eating strawberries on the lawn and had just uttered the words "Aah! I am going to chill so much today!" when we heard a loud noise and caught a glimpse of a red car which went off the road, into the ditch and we heard it crash over and over again. My sister grabbed her phone and ran, wearing just a bikini, Baywatch style to the rescue (I completely forgot about phones, didn't know CPR and was much slower).

Här tänkte jag lägga ut fotografier från en vacker äng. Min syster åt jordgubbar på gräsmattan och hade just yttrat orden "Aaah! Jag ska chilla SÅ mycket idag!" när vi hörde en smäll och skymtade en röd bil som körde av vägen, kraschade ner i diket och vi hörde smäll efter smäll. Min syster tog mobilen och sprang till räddningen, endast iklädd bikini, à la Baywatch (jag glömde helt att ta med telefon, kan inte hjärt- och lungräddning och var mycket långsammare.)

It was an elderly man who crashed onto our meadow and luckily he seemed surprisingly well in his mangled car. I fetched my car and drove him up to my mum's house.
Det var en äldre man som kraschade mot vår äng och som tur var verkade han må förvånansvärt bra i sin söndermanglade bil. Jag hämtade min bil och körde honom upp till mammas hus.

Mum had called 112 and ambulances, fire trucks and the police came. Two of each car which was a tad exaggerated. Can you believe the luck - there was no other traffic when he crossed over to the wrong side and went into the ditch, jumped across a road and into another ditch? We're not sure why the accident happened. It's also a lucky thing someone was home because houses are far apart and you could barely see the car among the flowers! Two cars drove straight past. Can you see it? Click to enlarge.

Mamma ringde 112 och ambulanser, brandbilar och poliser kom. Två bilar av varje vilket verkade något överdrivet. Vilken otrolig tur att det inte var någon annan trafik när han körde över på fel sida, ner i diket, hoppade över en till väg och ner i nästa dike! Tur också att någon var hemma för det är långt mellan husen och bilen syns knappt bland blommorna! Två bilar körde raka spåret förbi. Ser ni den här ovanför? Klicka för att förstora.

Drive safely! Kör försiktigt!


Kathryn said...

Yikes! glad he was ok!

I just stumbled across your blog from angry chicken, i love the mix of swedish and english - great blog! :)

Laura S Reading said...

Such excitment for your "chill" afternoon.
The man was quite lucky to have you as rescuers.

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Thank you!
DogsMom: yes - lucky there were any people at all!

Unknown said...

Wow, that's scary! Thank goodness he was okay and you were there to come to the rescue (and your sister baywatch style no-less! haha).

Unknown said...

bloody hell M-T, that was awful! Thank God the man is OK

United Studies said...

Wow, he was extremely lucky to come out relatively unharmed!

Although, I would have loved to see a picture of your sister running Baywatch-style to the rescue! If the old man were a bit younger, I am sure he would have appreciated it, too!

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

lol, she is gorgeous, tall and blonde and all so I shall post no such photo! :D
oh, and I DID actually check to see he was alive before I went and got my camera.... ;)

Serline said...

Glad to know he was alright. Guess he's as lucky as Mark Webber (Red Bull Renault F1 driver) ;-)

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