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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

art book 001

Illustrated, handwritten and handbound book by me; this is art book 001, available in my shop as of now. The book is sealed in a transparent envelope which means that the buyer will have to actively decide whether he or she should open it and reveal the secrets, or keep it closed and allow the secrets to be the artwork.
Illustrerad, handskriven och handbunden bok av mig; detta är art book 001 som nu finns i butiken. Boken är förseglad i ett transparent kuvert, vilket innebär att köparen aktivt måste bestämma sig för om han eller hon ska öppna det - och därmed avslöja hemligheterna - eller låta det vara stängt och tillåta hemligheterna att vara själva konstverket.


Andrea said...

I think I'd leave it for a bit...And then succombe to temptation and tear into the envelope as if it held the meaning of life...And of course it may...
Love it!

Snap said...

What fun!

Sylvie Van Hulle said...

It looks like a treasure to me. Have to check your shop! ;-)

Carolina Grönholm said...

Ser superfint ut!

Flying Whale said...

i love love love your art book!!!
Your new banner is gorgeous as well, it makes me want to wander.

* i've been so bad with my blog, i know. been absent from blog world for too long... coming back soon though ;)

Cynnie said...

What a wonderful piece of art...just gorgeous!

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