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Sunday, January 3, 2010

I showed you snow and you wanted MORE? Bonus material: Modes of transportation in Sweden / Jag visade snön och ni vill ha MER? Bonusmaterial: Fordon

Here you go, please have it all! Although it seems there are people who actually enjoy the snow. I will now show you not only snow but the remarkable ways of transportation I found during my walk to the chocolate. I meant the store.
Här, varsågod, ta alltihop! Fast det verkar finnas folk som faktiskt tycker om snön. Jag kommer nu att visa inte bara snön utan även de märkvärdiga transportsätt som jag iakttog när jag var på väg till chokladen. Till affären menar jag.

This mode of transportation is called standing still. Det här transportsättet heter att stå still.

There was skiing and sleighing going on... Det var skidåkning och kälkåkning på gång...

And a lot of people were going by spark. It's a kicksleigh and it's very common here. You pronounce it with a short open vowel "ah!". You stand on the spark with one leg and kick with the other and when you get the speed up you can stand on it with both legs and go really fast downhill. One person can sit on it.
[förklaring av vad en spark är]

This girl Jana was kicking it with her grandmother on a very stylish pink spark.
Den här tjejen som heter Jana sparkade med sin mormor på en mycket stilsäker rosa spark.

Maybe we could float through the snow? Vi kanske kunde flyta genom snön?

The streets and even the pedestrian ways have been ploughed really well for once and I hope Härnösand will keep this up! The snow goes way over your knees even if you are a giant.
Gatorna och till och med gångvägarna har plogats väldigt bra för en gångs skull och jag hoppas Härnösand forsätter i samma stil! Snön är mer än knädjup även på en jätte.

Another spark and my favourite - the invisible ski! En spark till och min favorit - osynliga skidor!

These are all the ways of transportation at once; say it with me: spark, walking, sleighing, skiing, invisible skis.
Här är alla transportsätt på en gång; vi säger det i kör: spark, promenera, åka skidor, bob, osynliga skidor.

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Sara said...

omg...I can't begin to imagine how cold it is! I hope it's not too cold?

Flying Whale said...

hahaha, you crack me up! the spark looks like fun but those invisible skis.... that takes dexterity.

julochka said...

i showed your pictures to husband and his inner swede lit up in his eyes and he said "sparkstöting" (forgive my spelling).

we don't have that much snow (in fact, ours is all gone), so i've not seen those here in DK.

LadyFi said...

I love snow! And I have a real spark too which I use on the ice...

Artsnark said...

Love the invisible ski! Do they come in pink too ;D

Snap said...

Fun post! You've been redecorating! Like it!

Ju said...

Happy New Year my dear. Gosh and I thought we had snow here in the UK, not!!
I guess you guys are prepared though, unlike here, when a shower of snow brings the city to stand still.

Sara said...

Maria-Thérèse! Thank you!!

Unknown said...

Wow!! Amazing pics and I love the blog layout!! :) Hugs to you.

Farah said...

omg the snow looks divine! xoxo

Debra said...

My dear Maria-Therese,

I send you warm, pink sunsets and balmy breezes! Wish we could take a walk on the beach together and go sea glass hunting! Maybe someday...

Beautiful pictures and interesting modes of transportation. Stay warm and dry, dear heart!


Debbie said...

LOVE your new look! So you:)
And that spark looks like such fun. Of course, I would fall and break a hip.

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!! I wanted to pop over and wish you a great one:)

Anonymous said...

so beautiful the snow!!

lovely blog!


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