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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stupid spammers! / Dumma spammare!

Every time I get a comment I do a little happy dance. About once a week I've had to delete spam comments in Japanese (!) about drugs and porn but lately, these comments have started to appear every day. Do they really think afiori readers are that interested in purchasing drugs and looking at nekkid people? Because it's so related to the rest of my blog? And you all speak Japanese?

I'm not sure what to do. I have wanted to stay away from the whole word verification thing; I want it to be easy for readers to leave a comment. I think it should be. Another option is to moderate comments which is also boring since they don't show up until I have read them and I can't be online all the time, and it feels like censorship when I really only want to censor the porn and drugs. Why can't it just be easy and fun? What to do?

Maybe I should write more about drugs and porn. Perhaps I would get a huge amount of new readers and then they'll buy everything in my shop (after they've stopped thinking about drugs and porn) and think about beautiful things instead? I think I'll give it a try! Naked porn drugs cialis viagra naked bunny deer butt!

Varje gång jag får en kommentar på bloggen blir jag glad. Någon gång i veckan har jag varit tvungen att radera kommentarer på japanska (!) om droger och porr till salu men den senaste tiden har dessa kommentarer börjat komma varje dag. Tror de verkligen att afioris läsare är så intresserade av att köpa droger och titta på nakna människor? För det har ju så mycket att göra med resten av min blogg? Och alla förstår väl japanska?

Jag vet inte riktigt vad jag ska göra. Jag har velat låta bli grejen där man ska skriva in ett påhittat ord för att verifiera sin kommentar. Jag vill att det ska vara enkelt att lämna sin kommentar, det borde det vara. En annan möjlighet är att moderera kommentarer vilket också är tråkigt för då kommer inga kommentarer upp förrän jag godkänt dem. Jag kan inte vara på internet hela tiden och det känns dessutom som censur när det enda jag vill censurera är porr och droger. Varför kan det inte bara vara enkelt och kul? Vad ska jag göra?

Kanske jag ska skriva mer om porr och droger! Det kanske lockar en helt ny skara läsare som handlar allt i min butik efter att de slutat tänka på naket folk och knark? Jag provar: naken heroin droger drog gratis viagra naken kanin rådjursrumpa medicin!



LadyFi said...

I've been getting a lot of spam too. I think the best thing is just to delete them. Your spam filter should be filtering out a lot of comments.

I still refuse to have word verification on as I really hate it and lots of people don't leave comments if you have it on.

Just Me said...


I think you will get tired of getting those comments and finally put on the word verification.

Before I started my blog I had a place on my website where people could place a comment. I had to shut it down because of the daily spam comments. In the beginning I refused it and at the end I deleted every day a mass of spamcomments, all sorts: viagra, medecine pills, drugs, …

They searche on the net for places where they can put all sorts of spam like the ones you receive. It doesn't matter at all what you post, they don't look at that, it is a kind of search robot I guess.

I would place a note in the sidebar of your blog on top with an explanation why you use the word verification.

It is a useless fight against your honesty and those who place spam on the net and make the life of people like us miserable.

Lots of succes with this inconvenience.

Just Me said...


I don't yet sell the display & the cards together in shops. I asked for a price because my budget is not big.
I like this display a lot, it is different from the ones I've seen before. It's expensive but next year I will have a bigger budget to spent.

I like it very much that you like it too.

RURAL said...

I had word verification, and it was such a bother. So I dropped it. And now I just moderate the comments before publishing them. Yes there is a slight delay, but it is worth it.

I am definitely getting 2 - 3 Chinese spammer comments per day. And they go right into the trash bin, never to be published.


Unknown said...

That's so annoying. On the up side, you've got a great cartoon of the ugly spam monster!

A Beautiful Party said...

i never thought the word verification was that bad. just takes a sec and your readers seem loyal enough that that should get in the way. good luck either way!

ittybittyandpretty said...

the word verification thing isnt that hard.. i have never had spam because of it.

Sara said...

oh that's ugly!! Bad, bad spammers!

Artsnark said...

I hate word verification too but it does keep most of the spammers away.

I figure if someone really wants to comment, they'll take the extra few seconds to verify themselves

julochka said...

i just turned my WV back on too tho' the ones i was getting were chinese, not japanese. it's really annoying. sigh. but that's the internet for ya.

Anonymous said...

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