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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sparkling Ocean, Dark Sea / Glittrande hav, mörk ocean

New in shop / Nytt i butiken

Sparkling Ocean / Glittrande hav

Dark Sea / Mörkt hav

As the waves roll in / När vågor rullar in

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Louisa Erika said...

Jag ÄLSKAR hav!!
Fina bilder! <3

Sara said...

I am glad you finally got some sun! These photos are beautiful!

Ju said...

I love them, where is this place?? Sandy beach and all.
You bring beauty to all situations.:)

Artsnark said...


Laura said...

Gorgeous! I found your link on glad i stopped by!

Flying Whale said...

'Sparkling Ocean' would & WILL make a perfect Christmas present for my Mum.... she loves the beach! such a fantastic and gorgeous photograph!

distresseddamsel said...

These pictures are just sooo lovely. They have that nostalgic ambiance that reminded me of those visits to the beach with a special someone or when I was a child.

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