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Friday, September 11, 2009

What I found in my shoes / Vad jag hittade i skorna

This / Det här

[yes, all of it is sand / jo, allt det där är sand]

Because of this / På grund av det här

Maria-Thérèse Andersson

My shoes were still strangely comfortable / Mina skor var ändå underligt bekväma

photo of me taken by Margareta, dog's mom / fotot av mig taget av Margareta, hundmamman


LadyFi said...

Is that sea sand in there? Great photos!

Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

Heehee that looks like fun!

I mentioned you over on my blog ;)

Ju said...

Aww, I must say that Maia (my 4 year old) said she would like these shoes to go to her new school with. I like them even more now.

starblinkee said...

You waded through sea water in your maryjane's? I'm stunned that it still looks wearable. Come to think of it, the sand that got into your shoes gave the soles of your feet a free instant scrubbing without your noticing it.

Kate8085 said...

hahaha. You kept your shoes on in the sea?!! You are so crazy, I love it.

Joyti said...

The shoes are very cute.
I keep my shoes on in the sand too...and bring the sand home to my kitties, who love it.

Laura Bray said...

I love how you live your life so joyfully.

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