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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

About these / Om de här

Thanks for your input about the poetry tree photos. It's very interesting that about half the responses are in favour of one, half of the other. I ended up putting both in my shop and I agree - the light, unframed one makes you feel as if you're there and the framed one as if you're looking through a window. Tack för kommentarerna om de båda poesiträdbilderna. Intressant att ungefär hälften föredrar den ena och hälften den andra. Jag lade in båda i butiken och jag håller med - den ljusa gör mer så det känns som man är där och den inramade som man tittar genom ett fönster.

These are two new photos from last night. I took advantage of the bad light, very cloudy day... The flowers were half dead (half alive?) so I got them at half half off at the supermarket. Supermarket guy looked concerned until I said they were for photography. / Här är två nya fotografier från i går kväll. Jag utnyttjade det dåliga ljuset, väldigt molnig dag.. Blommorna var halvdöda (halvlevande?) så jag fick dem för halva halva priset på mataffären. Mataffärsmannen såg bekymrad ut tills jag sa att jag skulle ha dem till fotografering.

I need to put some things together now before I go to the museum - I think they want to sell my stuff in their store, so keep your fingers crossed! A girl who works there is really fond of my notebooks but I'm going to bring some photographs and my very unloved - but beautiful! - correspondence cards as well.
Jag ska samla ihop lite saker nu innan jag går till muséet som kanske ska sälja mina saker i butiken, så håll tummarna! En tjej som jobbar där tycker jättemycket om mina anteckningsböcker men jag tänker ta med mig några fotografier och mina oälskade men jättefina korrespondenskort också.


Anonymous said...

Isnt that amazing half and half.I so like the one without the frame for that reason.Lol, I thought that was funny about the guy looking at you buying half dead flowers haha.Much luck to you!

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to say to you,I think its great that you share your blog in 2 different languages.I am greek but I cant read greek.Most greeks have their blogs in greek.Im sad about that LOL.I wish they were like you and posted 2 languages.I was born in the states,my mother is greek.

ittybittyandpretty said...

yay selling your wonderful work in a museum seems so right! you are worthy of being where all items of great culture are... good luck hope they take a great selection of your work and you become one step closer to your dreams.
smooches rosey

Sara said...

Good luck with your visit! I love the new pictures (and I finally figured out what I should send you!)

Snap said...

Good luck at the museum! Had a giggle about the supermarket guy.

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