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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Magic! / Magi!

I whined on Vanessa Valencia's blog about the three computer crashes I had last week (one old, two new computers) and she conjured up magic just for me! With a wand, in a tree! / Jag gnällde på Vanessa Valencias blogg om de tre datorkrascherna jag råkade ut för förra veckan (en gammal, två nya datorer) och hon trollade för mig, med ett trollspö, i ett träd!

"Fairy here, fairy there, a little magic fire flair. Through the trees visit us please, and send some magic across the seas..."

photos and magic by Vanessa Valencia

About the bird photo in my last post: the background was painted in watercolours and held up by fairies. / Angående fågelbilden i förra inlägget: jag målade bakgrunden och féer höll upp den bakom trädet.



angie {the arthur clan} said...

Look at how pretty that is! See, a little whining can be a good thing sometimes... :)

Debbie said...

Who knew whining could lead to something so nice!

Anonymous said...

I adore you!! You deserve magic all day every day!! xoxo

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

awwww thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

So complaining does work! Look at all that beautiful fairy dust!

Hope your computer is working because I'm going over to your shop to order some notebooks! :-)

Artsnark said...

How fun!

Joyti said...

Those look so lovely...really sweet and magical.

Antonio Estevez said...

oh i hate computer crashes. they are dastardly things and get in the way of pretty girls making pretty things like yourself dear :)

Sara Downton said...

these are so gorgeous and glittery and magical!

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