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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The frozen spider / Den frysta spindeln

So I was watching Desperate Housewives, having tea and suddenly I saw something moving on the floor. Rolling, it seemed, from under the TV towards the balcony door. A big spider, over an inch tall. In the middle of winter, in a stone building. I caught it in a VHS tape cover and put it on the balcony. Vacuumed my flat, looked for "spider eggs" or other intruder spiders everywhere, found none. I've been living here five years and this is the second time I see a spider.
______Then I felt really bad. I don't kill animals, I don't eat animals (not just spiders, that is). There I was, having a nice cup of tea and there the spider was, freezing its little butt off outdoors. I went to check on it a couple of times. What also bugs me is that it might have been the kind of thing where you need to do something out of the ordinary, that it could possibly be a magic spider (much like the magic rat in my story). If I had only said the right word, given the spider tea or a place to stay. Who knows.
______What I do know is that I still think there are spiders everywhere. My hair brushing against my arm, for instance - spider. I have waist-long hair. It will be so much fun trying to go to sleep tonight with a giant, furry spider on my head.
"Sexy Little Spider Headband" crochet pattern by angelacatirina, if you want a spider too. / Virkmönster av angelacatirina om du också vill ha en spindel.

Jag satt och tittade på Desperate Housewives och drack té. Plötsligt var det något som rörde sig på golvet. Rullade, ungefär, under TV:n mot balkongdörren. En stor spindel, runt 3 cm. Mitt i vintern i ett stenhus. Jag fångade den i ett videofodral och lade ut det på balkongen. Dammsög och letade efter "spindelägg" eller andra möjliga inkräktande jättespindlar överallt, hittade inga. Jag har bott här flera år och det är andra gången jag ser en spindel. Högst.
______Sedan kände jag mig hemsk. Jag dödar inte djur, äter inte djur (inte bara spindlar, alltså). Där satt jag och var varm och drack té och där var spindeln, iskall utomhus. Jag tittade till den ett par gånger. En sak som också stör mig är att det kanske var ett sådant tillfälle då man måste göra något speciellt, säga ett visst ord, att det kan ha varit en magisk spindel (ungefär som råttan i min saga). Om jag bara hade sagt rätt ord, gett den té eller sängplats. Vem vet. Jag vet bara att jag fortfarande tror att det är spindlar överallt - mitt hår mot min arm, till exempel, typisk spindel. Jag har midjelångt hår. Det ska bli så kul att försöka sova i natt med en jättestor, lurvig spindel på huvudet. Maria-Thérèse Andersson Therese Andersson afiori



Unknown said...

Great post and so true. My grandmother was in a beauty salon having her hair done one day back in the 1960's, when women all wore those bee-hive hair do's. The beautician was combing out her hair when out crawled a spider. That was the last of her bee-hive do's. She had them cut every inch of it off. Who can blame her.

Thanks for sharing my spider headband!

Flor Larios Art said...

I like spiders...far away from me.
I am illustrating a childrens book in it is about a spider that does not know how to weave a spiderweb...

Angela Catirina said...

Oops! Sorry, I was signed in under someone else's account. That was me, Angela Catirina - not Jane. Sorry!

Robot Nine said...

Magic spider my ass, he got lucky to have been found in your home. In mine he would have been 1?16 of an inch thinck now- I HATE SPIDERS. Ick. Check me out at LaidBackThinkTank. Alan

ittybittyandpretty said...

eeeekkkkk we had one of those big hairy suckers on our bedroom curtain a while ago and i basically drowned it in spray and it still lurked around for a bout an hour after!!! i could not sleep till it was dead and i couldnt move it till it was dead. hate hate hate them even though i know they are harmless and soooo much smaller than me. xxrosey

Anonymous said...

Oh No!!!!

Well, I live in the desert where it is warm most of the time (coldish now). And I have spiders everywhere. I just watch one or two making webs in my skylight all of the time...

Annnnd, I have been stung by a scorpion in my sleep... EEEEK!

And, I like you, wonderful what that strange feeling on my leg is.. Oh just a thread, thank goodnesssss!! ;) ;)

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