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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

10 questions / 10 frågor

These are 10 questions I just stumbled upon via Creative Every Day. They are from a site called "More In You" - Life Leadership blog and I think they can be quite useful! / Detta är 10 frågor jag nyss hittade via Creative Every Day. De kommer från en sida som heter "More In You" - Life Leadership blog och jag tror att de kan vara användbara.

1.How is where you are in life today different from where you were last December?
2.How are you different today, internally, than you were a year ago?
3.Of all you've experienced in the past year, what are you the most proud of?
4.What did you shy away from in 2008 that you wish you'd gone for?
5.What did you learn about yourself this year?
6.Who impacted your life the most this past year?
7.What are the most important lessons you learned in 2008 that you want to be conscious of in 2009?
8.What are you being called to next in your personal growth?
9.If you could create three things in your life the coming year, what would they be?
10.What parts of yourself will you need to call upon to create those three things with wild success in 2009?
- Laura Neff
1. Hur är ditt liv annorlunda idag jämfört med förra december?
2. Hur är du annorlunda nu, inombords, jämfört med för ett år sedan?
3. Vad är du mest stolt över av allt du upplevt det gångna året?
4. Vad vågade du inte göra 2008 fast du önskar att du hade gjort det?
5. Vad har du lärt dig om dig själv i år?
6. Vem hade störst inverkan på ditt liv i år?
7. Vilka är de viktigaste sakerna du lärt dig i år som du vill vara medveten om 2009?
8. Vad är du kallad till att göra härnäst när det gäller din personliga utveckling?
9. Om du skulle skapa tre saker i ditt liv det kommande året, vad skulle de vara?
10. Vilka delar av dig själv behöver du använda dig av för att skapa de tre sakerna med stor framgång under 2009?
- Laura Neff, fritt översatt av mig sent på natten då en räv just korsat gatan.


Debra said...

Wonderful, introspective questions but I just don't think I have the courage to answer them just yet. I LOVE the photo that you posted on this entry. It is absolutely dreamlike and ethereal.


Robot Nine said...

1. Financially poorer, meantally happier.
2. Happier, kinder.
3. My daughter becoming much more independant and responsible.
4. Travel opportunites.
5. The clock is ticking, either go for IT or enjoy the here and now.
6. My Brother in Law, by passing away at a relatively young age.
7. To make better use f my time.
8. Travel, the money and time are coming together.
9. A long-term home, comoftable and unpretentious...a career using my creative skills more...a huge number of travel goals checked off my personal list.
10. Time management and motivation.
Di I ever tell you that you have lovely hair and smile???
Be sure to visit tomorrow and play the Robot Nine Picture Puzzle.

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