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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Two exhibitions / Två utställningar

In an art gallery in town there are two new exhibitions opening today. I arrived at the gallery fashionably late because I was in the midst of writing a poem - a pretty good reason, if you ask me.

The paintings by Örjan Wikström had a softness and an atmosphere to them which seemed to draw you into their rooms, as if you could melt into the scenes and experience that light for real, for yourself. I particularly liked this lithograph, excuse the phone camera pics:

The artist talked to me about the difficulties in expressing what you want in a simple way and knowing when to stop, that fine line between "almost there" and overworked which I'm sure most people struggle with in their creative work.

On the ground floor of the gallery there were two rooms - painted red - showing the work of Diana Andersson (who unfortunately doesn't have her own website, but you can do an image search online). Her exhibition mostly consisted of marble sculpture - a medium which I always find impressive.

You could easily see ancient influences, but there is something off - a well-coiffed girl has too many hair clips on, another woman has sewn-together lips and not too far from a madonna there is a sculpture of a dead rat. Several pieces were downright fun; this one, for instance. The title can be translated as "A person who very unfortunately is attacked by a demon" (Person som tyvärr, tyvärr blir angripen av en demon). Inner demons and existential angst aside, I like an attacking demon who can actually make me laugh.

And now I'm back to writing that poem. Check out these artists, go to an exhibition, have some fun.
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