Sunday, July 13, 2014

A cupcake breakfast party / Ett frukostkalas med muffins

Today I was invited to a cupcake breakfast party at Lucia's
I dag var jag bjuden till Lucia på muffinsfrukostkalas

This is Lucia
Detta är Lucia

We forced her cat Murre to join when we moved to the third fika location of the day
Vi tvingade katten Murre att vara med när vi flyttade till det tredje fikastället för dagen

First we sat in the garden
Först satt vi i trädgården

Then inside the playhouse
Därefter i lekstugan

If it's cold you can also sit in the greenhouse
Om det är kallt kan man även sitta i ett växthus

Her dog Hippie loved me so much he had to go back inside
Hennes hund Hippie gillade mig så mycket att han var tvungen att gå in igen

Murre had a real coffee drinking period in his younger days, Lucia said, but nowadays he prefers grass.
Murre var en riktig kaffedrickare i sina yngre dagar, sa Lucia, men numera föredrar han gräs.

photos of me taken by Lucia


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The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Oh YAY! A cupcake party!!! For breakfast!!! In the garden and then the playhouse (I love them! I had one in my backyard growing up and would love one again!). I love it all! Be sure and take a peek in The Tearoom when you get a chance! Victorienne and her friend have gone on a Mad Adventure!

With hugs,


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