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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Productive day / Produktiv dag

I finished up a manuscript and sent it to a publisher. Then I wrote 53 poems. A nine page Word document. I don't even know how that happened. All 53 probably won't make the cut when I bring out the scissors and the chainsaw but even if just a few of them are good I'm still happy with what I've done today. I made two collages. Oh, and I'm growing sprouts. They keep up with my pace. It's supposed to take a couple of days; I only started to water them last night, look at their little tails!
I am tired now.
Jag gjorde färdigt ett manus idag och skickade till ett förlag.
Sedan skrev jag 53 dikter. Nio sidor i Word. Vet inte hur det gick till. Alla 53 kommer nog inte att finnas kvar när jag tar fram häcksaxen och motorsågen och börjar röja men även om bara några av dem är bra är jag nöjd med vad jag gjort idag. Jag gjorde två collage. Jo, och så odlar jag groddar. De håller samma takt som jag. Egentligen ska det ta ett par dagar innan de är klara, har bara vattnat dem sedan igår kväll. Titta på deras små svansar!

Jag är trött nu.



Louise said...

Jag gapar, kan man göra så mycket på en dag?! :-) Hoppas jag kan vara lika produktiv i dag i mitt räknande av bullernivåer och meteorologiplugg.

i cant sew said...

thanks for making me feel better, you are so sweet. i have decided to just send my daughter to school with what she needs and give her more as she needs it.
you balance out the rude people in the world! %*_*% rosey

i cant sew said...

p.s. great photo, keep creating!

afiori said...

aww that's such a nice thing to say! Thanks! You just balanced out my disgustingly expensive groceries.

Sylvie Van Hulle said...

53 poems!!! and you said you aren't productive! Wow, that's a lot!! Congratulations! I'm curious to read them. How many hours did you spend on them? I'm sick today, the flue :-(
Rest is the message, again... pfff

Sylvie Van Hulle said...

Oh I forgot, success with your manuscript!!!!

afiori said...

I think I wrote from around 6 p.m. until 2.30 a.m.

amanda said...

WOW! way to go, now that's an amazing bit of productivity...53 poems???

all the best luck with your manuscript, it's so exciting!

the yellow elephant said...

oh! you can post your poems here! i would like to read them. de er sikkert veldig gode!

afiori said...

Thank you / tack :)

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