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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lately / Den senaste tiden

Snowy walks. Too much snow. Sick of winter.
Snöpromenader. För mycket snö. Less på vintern.

An invitation to a Downton Abbey themed cocktail party!
En inbjudan till ett cocktailparty med Downton Abbey-tema!

Worked as a gala photographer Saturday...
Jobbade som galafotograf i lördags...

...and took lots of photos and wrote this article here
...tog mängder av bilder och skrev den här artikeln

Worked with images and words and translations
Jobbat med ord och bilder och översättning

Got this lovely gift from a Facebook friend!
Fått detta fina paket från en Facebookvän!

Even though I sent him these photos the first day on his new job
Trots att jag skickat dessa bilder första dagen på hans nya jobb

Taken photos of flowers in the dark
Fotograferat blommor i mörkret

Been to Sollefteå to photograph a scar for insurance purposes; also visited a friend, went shopping a little bit and had coffee and very, very dark chocolate cake. What about you?
Varit till Sollefteå för att fotografera ett ärr åt försäkringsbolag; hälsade även på en vän, shoppade lite, fikade väldigt mörk chokladkaka. Själv då?



Snap said...

You are staying busy! Good for you.

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

So many fun things in your world! Can't wait to see what you will wear to the Downton Abbey cocktail party! You wouldn't like it here any better than there, weather-wise. Tomorrow, we are supposed to get a huge snowstorm, possibly as much as two feet of snow in only a few hours! Luckily, I can escape all that tomorrow at my imaginary tea party....! Please let me know about your book and I'll tell you about mine when I am done!



Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

MORE snow? Yuck! said...

Guess whooo??? YOur snow, albeit too much and too often, is soooooo beautiful!!!

It snowing here right now.

I am up waaay too early, and it is dark out.

In was spring warm all week, and now snow. Was it you who sent it??


You always eat the best treats!!

ittybittyandpretty said...

well..we have been having all kinds of crazy weather here in sunny queensland, brisbane, fact i have been givena temporary job manning the hotline for the flood relief appeal and emergency services. it is a bit slow today so i am able o check out some blogs in my down time...perks of working on a sunday!
you look so good and so very busy...your post has reminded me that downton abbey returns to our screens tonight...must not miss it!!
love to you.

robin said...

There has been too much snow here too! I am done with winter. I love the idea of a Downton Abbey themed party, it sounds so fun! I also still love that necklace. :)

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