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Monday, September 17, 2012

A year without summer / Ett år utan sommar

Summer didn't come to Sweden this year. We've only had a few days of summer-like temperatures, and a few days ago it dawned on me: counting the six-month winter which is about to come, it will be more than a whole year and a half without summer. And I hate winter.
Det blev ingen sommar i år. Bara några dagar på hela året med riktiga sommartemperaturer - för några dagar sedan slog det mig att om man räknar med den nästan halvårslånga vintern som är på gång blir det mer än ett och ett halvt år utan sommar. Och jag avskyr vinter. 

There were a few very warm days in March, very peculiar. There was Midsummer when it was warm for two days. Then, in July, I sat on my balcony two afternoons and only my feet were cold. There was this day when I had coffee outside with Lena. And of course my week in Italy. But apart from that - not much.
Det var några besynnerligt varma dagar i mars. Midsommar var varmt och fint ett par dagar. Jag har suttit på balkongen hela två eftermiddagar när jag bara frusit om fötterna (fortfarande kallt i skuggan trots att solen var het). En dag satt jag ute och fikade med Lena. Och så var jag naturligtvis i Italien en vecka. Men förutom detta var det inte mycket mer.

It's September 17 and I still get optimistic whenever the sun shines for a little while, thinking that maybe there will be summer after all, but there's always this evil, weird kind of sunshine with a simultaneous storm with icy winds, and then it gets dark again. It's just really weird. The temperature has been just above freezing several nights in August and in July, it was often around 44ºF at night.
Det är den 17:e september och jag kommer på mig själv med att fortfarande bli optimistisk de gånger solen tittar fram och jag hinner tänka att det kanske fortfarande kan bli sommar, men det är ofta en sorts ondskefullt, konstigt solsken och en iskall storm på samma gång - och så blir det mörkt igen. Det är bara konstigt alltihop. I augusti var det några nätter med temperaturer som knappt låg ovanför nollan och i juli ofta 7-9 grader på nätterna.

I took this photo on a cold, rainy, stormy walk today...
Den här bilden tog jag på en kall, regnig, stormig promenad i dag...

Found some cold, wet flowers. Thought about the possibility to go someplace warm in winter. Counted the winter months.
Hittade några kalla, blöta blommor. Funderade på om jag kan åka till något varmt ställe i vinter. Räknade vintermånaderna.

Whoever was in charge of the weather this so-called summer didn't think things through.
Jag antar att den som hade ansvar för vädret denna så kallade sommar inte riktigt tänkte igenom det ordentligt.



Unknown said...

Maybe it is time to spend your "summers" someplace else? Although from your pictures it always looks lovely no matter what the weather. Happy Monday to you!

xo Mary Jo

Snap said...

{{{{{{{{{{Warm Hugs}}}}}}}}}}

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

We did not get much summer here in Northern New England either. We slept under blankets every night this summer and it got in the 30's here this weekend! It's no surprise that we only got a hand-ful of tomatoes from our pots on the porch. I agree with you about holding someone accountable for the decided lack of our favorite time of the year! Just in case you ever consider relocating, cross this place off your list!

Sending you warm cups of tea and oatmeal along with the hugs,


Cecilia N said...

I am impressed. You did go out today?!
I didn't until the wind had made the clouds go away. Then I got the mail.

The summer has been ... yes ... not. It is too late to hope for more this year, here.

Hope it hasn't something to do with the melting ice at the North Pole. Then we have to migrate I think ...

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Det är lite sista dagarna över alltihop tycker jag.

Mandy Crandell said...

Oh, I don't even want to imagine a year without summer! Hope you get a few warm days before winter hits.

Katarina Cinnamon said...

Jag tror att det var vikarier som skötte om sommarvädret i år.

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