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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter witching and barbecue in the forest / Påskkärringar och grillning i skogen

Today is the day when Swedes dress up as Easter witches... I was channeling Marie Antoinette, witches and forest when I, um, did this thing to my hair and face! A full package of hairpins, loads of pale make-up which I hoped would cover my eyebrows and eyelashes, but it didn't quite work. Can you see what my hair is supposed to be?
I dag, skärtorsdag, klädde jag mig traditionsenligt till påskkärring. Detta år kanaliserade jag Marie Antoinette, häxor och skogen när jag gjorde... den här grejen med mitt hår och mitt smink. Använde en hel förpackning hårnålar och massor av ljust smink som jag försökte dölja ögonbryn och ögonfransar med men det gick inte riktigt. Ser ni vad håret ska föreställa?

...A bird's nest!
...Ett fågelbo!

photo by Olle
Sister and her boyfriend were also Easter witches...
Syster med pojkvän var också påskkärringar...

...And mum was an Easter bunny!
...Och mamma var en påskhare!

We flew to Blåkulla and grilled veggie sausages.
Vi flög till Blåkulla och grillade sojakorv.

...And had wonderful cakes
...Och åt fantastiska tårtor

Swedish Easter tradition påsktraditio
mmmm.... cake!

photos of me were taken by Louise Andersson



Louisa said...

Ooooo!! Du gjorde hårgrejen! :D

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Jaa, men hittade inga prydnadsägg så jag fick rita dem!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Jag tycker verkligen om ditt hår sådär, riktigt snyggt faktiskt!!!
Och din systers pojkvän ser ju frän ut ;)

Tammie Lee said...

oh so fun, i have never heard of an Easter Witch. I love the photos on the broom in the air!

Dennis said...

Vad gulliga ni är! Jättefina =)

Anonymous said...

You guys certainly know how to have fun! Not a single Easter witch came by yesterday... I guess that means I'll be forced to eat all those sweets! ;-)

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

How extra fun is that?!?! I love it and especially your hair and makeup! You all look very cute! Is it typical for the men to be Easter witches too?? I will have to ask Mr. V if he would like to be one!!!

Hugs to you all,


Snap said...

Fun! An Easter Witch .... sounds like something I'd like!

Tommy. said...

Ni hade ju passat iu vilken Harry Potterfilm som helst!


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Be an Easter witch! Dress up, paint freckles on your cheeks, ride a broom, carry a teapot and go collect candy or money around the area where you live :-D

Harry Potter - okay! :D As long as I don't have to play that hockey-like game up in the air :-S

Unknown said...

How fun! You look great and I love those jumping/broom flying images!

xo Mary Jo

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