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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ceci n'est pas un macaron

This is not a macaron. It must be some kind of miniature fika for miniature people who live in miniature houses and read miniature books. Dear blog readers in France, land of the macaron, and all other macaron connaisseurs, what do you say? Serieusement?
Detta är ingen macaron. Det måste vara någon sorts miniatyrfika för miniatyrmänniskor som bor i miniatyrhus och läser miniatyrböcker. Kära bloggläsare i Frankrike, macaronernas hemland, och alla andra macaronkännare, vad säger ni om det här? Serieusement?

macaron + espresso crema for miniature me

caffe mocha for me + macaron for friend + chocolate cookie for me



Olga said...

SV: Oj, tack detsamma! :)

A Beautiful Party said...

i'm so hungry for not a macaroon now!!

michelleK said...

Those look so yummy.

Just sending you big thank yous for letting me know about the picture of the little fairy I sent you. I hope she brings you happiness still.

brightest blessings

Anonymous said...

So tiny and delicate! Lovely.

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

As much effort as it takes to make macarons, it is a bit nerve-racking to think of making so many teeny, tiny ones! But here is my advice to you:
If the cookie was for you and the "macaron" was for your friend, I would keep my eye on my cookie if I were you as it appears that the "macaron" could be be finished off rather quickly, leaving one greedy for another person's cookie!
"Look who is coming in the door!"
Bye-bye cookie!

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