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Monday, December 27, 2010

Meringues and madness / Maränger och knasigheter

On Christmas Eve, my aunt asked what we wanted to have for dinner or fika at her place. "Berries..." said my sister. "Chocolate... sauce. Or cake," I said, "Ice cream... Maybe meringues and berries and chocolate sauce or chocolate fudge cake..." Well, today our wishes were granted...
På julafton frågade moster vad vi ville ha för mat eller fika hemma hos henne. "Bär..." sa min syster. "Choklad... sås. Eller kaka," sa jag. "Glass... Kanske maränger och bär och chokladsås eller kladdkaka..." Så idag uppfylldes våra önskningar...

Unfortunately, my sister and I acted like this... / Dessvärre betedde vi oss så här, min syster och jag...

Eh.... sorry! And thank you so much!

Bye bye Christmas! Hejdå julen!

photos by me and Louise
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