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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The best kind of before and after / Bästa sortens före och efter

This is me today... Det här är jag idag...

Finally wearing a spring jacket without being cold! Remember January when my eyelashes froze... -15F, -36 F.
...som äntligen bär vårjacka utan att frysa! Ni kommer ihåg januari då mina ögonfransar frös till is... -26 grader, -38.

February, me pretending not to shiver from the cold... Februari där jag låtsas att jag inte frös så jag skakade...

All the snow... All snö...

In March, I stayed indoors, coughing. I mars var jag inne och hostade.

When Easter came, I took my semi-warm coat out. När det blev påsk tog jag fram min halvvarma kappa.

and today I saw these... och idag såg jag de här...

...and there are big heaps of snow left but the streets have returned ...och det finns massa snöhögar kvar men gatorna har återvänt

photos by Alveola Ämting, myself, Louise Andersson, Ulla Edström, Louise again, myself again, Alveola again.



Eileen said...

It's so nice to welcome spring, isn't it?

Andrea said...

Ah...But where is the ugly before? All these are beautiful! I LOVE the frosty hair and eyelashes!

Debra said...

You are so pretty, dear heart! Glad that you are not coughing anymore!

Love and hugs,

Artsnark said...

congrats on the thaw! Hope you are enjoying your heat wave :D

ittybittyandpretty said...

so very happy for you...i am longing for it to get cooler here...we get some snatches of a crisp morning but it soon turns to heat by 8am...i think i might even be sunburnt from the schhool carnival today!
anyhow smooches to you

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