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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Whoooo are yooou? / Vem är du?

I went to a tea party... and I thought of you! That's right, you! I'm wondering... Who are you, dear blog reader? Won't you please tell me?
Jag var på ett tékalas... och jag tänkte på dig! Just det, dig! Jag undrade... Vem är du, kära bloggläsare? Vill du inte tala om det?

That is me... and my mum... and my aunt...
Det där är jag... och min mamma... och min moster...

and you see, there's a cup of coffee for you too but who are you?
och som du ser finns en kopp kaffe till dig med men vem är du?

Please click on "comments" and say hello :) I'm wondering...

1) Who are you?
2) Where are you from?
3) However did you find me?
4) What is your favourite site on the internet (apart from of course ;)
5) Anything you would like to see more of at afiori? (I will still do what I please but I'm curious! :)

You don't have to answer every question, naturally, but do have a cup of tea or coffee and say hello! (P.S. You don't need to log in to reply; you can simply click "Name /url" and type in your name.)

Klicka gärna på "comments" här under och säg hej :) Jag undrar...

1) Vem är du?
2) Var kommer du ifrån?
3) Hur hittade du mig?
4) Vilken är din favoritsida på internet (förutom förstås ;)
5) Något du vill se mer av på afiori? (Jag gör ändå vad jag behagar men jag är nyfiken!)

Du behöver inte svara på alla frågor förstås, men ta gärna lite kaffe eller té och säg hej! Du måste inte heller logga in för att kunna svara; klicka bara på "Name / url" och fyll i ditt namn.

photos by my aunt Majn and myself



Sara said...

I am Sara :) I am from Egypt.
YOU found me and you've been my all-time blogger friend- MY FIRST!! I love flickr and facebook of course!
I would like to see more of you as a person :)

Unknown said...

Hello there! Thanks for the cup of coffee. favorite.
I am Tammy and I am currently living in Pennsylvania, USA.
I believe I found you through someone elses blog.
My favorite site online is etsy, because it is so inspiring and full of sorts of wonderful goodies, handmade.
I love seeing your photos here.

Snap said...

You already know me! We've had tea before (and chocolate). :D :D :D

LadyFi said...

Well, I*m Lady Fi and you know my real name... Not sure how we found each other: maybe you commented on my blog and then I visited you?

I'm originally from Britain but have lived outside Stockholm for the past 13 years or so - am fluent in Swedish.

My favourite site on the Internet has got to be the fabulous!

ittybittyandpretty said...

my name is rosemary...rosey, i live in brisbane australia. i think you found me very early on in my blog life and we have been commenting back and forth since. other than your blog i love love love a fanciful twist. miss vanessa takes me to another world with each post and i love it! i love your blog, i love learning more about you, your family and where you live :P
smooches rosey

Jo Potter said...

Hi Louise,
My name is Jo May and I'm from England.
I found your site through Moonlight and Hares!
I have too many favourite sites I can't decide. I think Blogger is wonderful for opening up a whole new creative world, for me.;)
I love your work. I'm a fairy illustrator, so I think I would like to see some more of your magical books.
I'm looking for a special sketch book with some inspirational images. If you have any ideas let me know!;)
Lovely tea party and good to meet you.

A Beautiful Party said...

I'm Ann and I'm originally from the U.S. Im originally from Kentucky but Im currently biding my time in Illinois. I'm not sure how we found each other but I'm glad we did! You are quite an amazing blog friend!
I can't think of any suggestions for your blog. just keep it up.
oh and could you pass me some honey for my tea?

Rosa Phoenix said...

Greetings Maria-Therese,

I'm Rosa Phoenix, and I live in San Francisco, California, USA. I grew up in a house with a rose garden in Phoenix, Arizona and that is where I got my name.

I don't remember how I found your blog but it was quite awhile ago, when you were just starting out. You are one of the artist bloggers who inspired me to start my own blog!

I get lost on etsy a lot. I also like And many others!

I love what you do on afiori. I enjoy visiting blogs to see what life is like in other places. And to get a chance to see through your eyes.

Thank you for the coffee and sweets. So nice to stop and visit with you!

Katarina Cinnamon said...

Hi - Hej
I'm Katarina - Jag är Katarina
I know you from Sollefteå - Jag känner dig från Sollefteå :-)
Have a nice week - Ha en skön vecka

Tiffany said...

Greetings! I'm Tiffany Jones-Toubeaux, and I'm from Detroit, MI USA.

I first encountered your artwork on flickr, and that's how I found your blog/shop.

My favorite places online are flickr, and some online art supply store:)

I love everything that you do with your blog and your products. Keep them coming! I love that little black book that you recently listed. And the photographs are beautiful, as usual:)

Thanks for the refreshments!

Laura Bray said...

I live in Southern California. We met at one of Vanessa's tea parties (I think!). I think your blog is just fine the way it is and I'm so very happy to have you as a blog friend!

Elin said...

Elin heter jag, bor i Härnösand. Det vet du ju.. såg din sida i Yippe-tidningen och tänkte att det var kul, du är ju min gamla lärare! :)
Min favoritsida på internet är nog
Jag tycker det du gör är jättefint!

Kadhine said...

Hi! I'm Kadhine, I'm from Trinidad and Tobago (in the Caribbean) but I live in Romania.
I found you blog on flickr. I fell in love with one of your turquoise-coloured photos and have been looking out for them ever since :)
My favorite website is flickr I think, I love seeing different parts of the world through other people's eyes and also seeing the awesome things people create!

julochka said...

1. i'm julie (julochka in the blogosphere since julie's always taken).
2. i'm american, but i live in denmark.
3. i think it was a blog down under somewhere...the person had bought one of your beautiful books and then i favorited you on etsy. :-)
4. one favorite site? are you mad? my homepage landing page is
5. i really love your books and will buy one one day soon, so don't stop making those. :-)

and thanks for the cup of tea, i'd been having trouble getting the sugar-tea-milk ratio right. :-)


Anonymous said...

In response to "who are you?" or "where are you from?".....I am in the central US, but native of a more northern state. I think I found you through seeing your Etsy store. (I have one too.) I don't manage to check on you every day. But I enjoy reading about life in your country and think about how I could be there (almost, sort of!) if my grandparents and great-grandparents had not emigrated to the US. One grandmother was from Umea, or thereabouts! Thank you - you write a wonderful blog. Jan

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