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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Coffee and a racist, thanks! / Kaffe och en rasist, tack!

I had coffee and delicious chocolate mint cake at a café in town, Rutiga duken, today. It's owned and operated by a very young man who's originally from Palestine (and yes, I mention this for a reason).

Time and time again the windows have been smashed; time and time again he's installed new ones and had to pay a lot to do so. Today he looked really sad. A customer had yelled at him, told him to go back where he came from and that he had no business being here and various racist slurs - because he had to wait an entire 13 minutes for his food - yes, food, which café owner himself prepared and served since he worked alone.

Racist guy obviously had some problems of his own and saw it fit to bring them to the café, and I don't expect an a*hole like that to be one of my wonderful afiori readers but I want to write about it anyway. It's the kind of thing you hope will never happen and somehow don't think will happen in a small town like this, all pretty and peaceful on the surface.

Jag fikade kaffe och delikat chokladmintkaka på Rutiga duken här i stan idag. Caféet ägs av en mycket ung man som ursprungligen kommer från Palestina (jo, det finns en anledning till att jag säger det).

Gång på gång har han fått rutorna krossade; gång på gång installerat nya fönster och betalat massor för att göra det. Idag såg han ledsen ut. En kund hade skrikit åt honom, kallat honom jävla svartskalle, sagt att han borde åka tillbaka dit han kom från och så vidare - för att han fått vänta hela 13 minuter på maten. Mat som caféägaren gjorde och serverade själv eftersom han jobbade ensam idag.

Rasistmannen hade naturligtvis egna problem som han tyckte det var lämpligt att ta med sig på stan och jag förväntar mig inte att ett arsle som han är en av afioris fina läsare men jag tänker skriva om det ändå. Det bara är en sådan sak som man på något sätt inte tror ska hända, inte här, inte i en stad som är så liten och fin och så fridfull på ytan.



LadyFi said...

I hate to hear of stories like this one. Even though many Swedes are very tolerant (there is less racism here than in the UK, for instance) - it still pains me to read of racism... especially as my kids will be growing up in this society.

Farah said...

God, such and ahole, seriously. *sigh*

Kate8085 said...

Some people still amaze me with ignorance...what a total idiot.
I wish I could tell him to go
back to where he came from..
as in, hell.
Go to hell, a-hole!

A Beautiful Party said...

yuck, what a terrible experience. but i'm sure your presence there was just the balance this cafe owner needed.

Snap said...

There are dumb people everywhere ... unfortunately. Thankfully there are also smart, caring people, like you, who will support this man and his cafe. The chocolate mint cake is making me drool!

the notebook doodles said...

that's terrible!!

ittybittyandpretty said...

lucky that little cafe has YOU. tell him we all support him from all over the world.

Joyti said...

The cafe owner - putting up with that sort of horrible, ignorant treatment - sounds like an amazingly strong, spunky person.

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