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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last chance to see this exhibition / Sista chansen att se denna utställning

This means you need to book a flight to Sweden - not for the end of the week when I'm taking down my current exhibition but tomorrow so that you can see my photographs at Technichus, Härnösand and buy the newspaper Sundsvalls tidning in the morning and read an article about me! If you're west of Sweden you still have plenty of time to get here :-) See you tomorrow, then?
Detta betyder att ni måste komma till Härnösand - inte i slutet av veckan då jag tar ner min nuvarande utställning på Technichus men i morgon om ni inte är på ett ställe där man kan köpa Sundsvalls tidning! Där kommer det nämligen att finnas en artikel om mig i morgon.

From my exhibition Not just a pretty flower / Från min utställning Inte bara en vacker blomma

I spent a few hours in a very rainy Sundsvall today for the interview and also talked to a shop and people at the museum about my art and products. It was great fun. They took photos of me inside a cinema for the article and I'm very excited to see it all. Luckily, Sundsvalls tidning - tidning means newspaper - is apparently very efficient seeing that it will all be published in the morning!
Jag tillbringade några regniga timmar i Sundsvall idag för att bli intervjuad och jag pratade även med en butik och folk på muséet om min konst och mina produkter. Det var kul. Tidningen tog bilder på mig inne i en biograf och det ska bli intressant att se allt. Lyckligtvis verkar Sundsvalls tidning vara en mycket effektiv tidning - intervju idag publiceras i morgon!

Dear Mr. Photographer, I haven't asked your permission but I simply need to post this photo I secretly took, holding the camera at belly level, the very same instant you photographed me! Käre herr fotograf; jag har inte bett om tillåtelse för detta men jag måste helt enkelt få lägga ut denna bild som jag tog med kameran i magnivå i precis samma stund som du fotograferade mig!

If you absolutely cannot see my current show I will be exhibiting new photographs on July 4-5th in Graninge. It's an event called Graningedagarna at this beautiful old place where people will be selling arts and crafts and other artists will also exhibit their work.
Om ni absolut inte kan komma och se mina fotografier kommer en ny chans i juli då jag ställer ut nya fotografier under Graningedagarna. Där säljs hantverk och konst och andra konstnärer kommer att visa sina alster. 4-5 juli i Graninge!


A Beautiful Party said...

i've always wanted to go to sweden. if i had the money this sounds like it would be the best time to go. congrats on your show and newspaper article!

ittybittyandpretty said...

yahoo for you!! oh how i wish i could fly me and my small family to meet you and see your art in person... one day. i believe in the power of poitive thinking.
%*_*% rosey

Snap said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! Loved the slide show.

LadyFi said...

I'd love to go, but can't. Please post a link to the newspaper article for those of who understand Swedish...

angie {the arthur clan} said...

Yay for you! I'd love to visit Sweden, but it's definitely not going to happen anytime soon. :( I'm so happy for all the good things that are happening for you and your business right now. :)

Laura Bray said...

Darn! I'm busy this weekend! Otherwise I would be there. Congratulations on all your PR and success. You deserve it.

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