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Friday, May 8, 2009

She had read all the words in all the books / Hon hade läst alla ord i alla böcker

and she was tired. och hon var trött.

At night she would work on her secret manuscript and she would write letters to a famous poet far away, wishing that words could travel as fast as thoughts. (She did not know that Ada Lovelace had already laid the mathematical foundation of what would become computers.) På nätterna skrev hon på sitt hemliga manuskript. Hon skrev också brev till en poet långt borta och hon önskade att ord kunde färdas lika snabbt som tankar. (Hon visste inte att Ada Lovelace redan lagt grunden till det som skulle bli dagens datorer.)

She wanted to travel the world and see curious things. So she did.
Hon ville resa runt världen och se märkliga ting - så hon gjorde det.

She packed her suitcase and waved goodbye to her friends.
Hon packade resväskan och vinkade farväl till sina vänner.

She was ready. She left.
Hon var redo. Hon gav sig av.

Throughout the journey she recorded her thoughts and all the things she saw in notebooks that quickly filled up.
Under resans gång skrev hon ned sina tankar och det hon såg i anteckningsböcker som snabbt fylldes.

She went to London and Rome and Paris, Ravenna and Florence, Milan and Venice.
Hon reste till London och Rom och Paris, Ravenna och Florens, Milano, Venedig.

She travelled alone but she never felt lonely because she had her words.
Hon reste ensam men kände sig aldrig ensam för hon hade sina ord.

Eventually the little suitcase was filled with books. She thought of settling down somewhere - then again, there were always new adventures and new places to discover. She carried on. Till slut var den lilla resväskan fylld med böcker. Hon funderade på att slå sig till ro, stanna någonstans, men det fanns alltid nya äventyr och nya platser att upptäcka. Hon fortsatte.

New in shop ~ Travel journals and mixed paper notebooks
Nytt i butiken ~ Resedagböcker och anteckningsböcker med blandade blad

Create your own adventure Skapa ditt eget äventyr

photographs, collages, paintings, text, book binding and design
by Maria-Thérèse Andersson,

Update: Thank you David McMahon of Authorblog for nominating this post as Post of the day!
Tack till författaren David McMahon som nominerat detta inlägg som dagens blogginlägg!



Anonymous said...

I just daydreamed a bit that was me,LOL.Lovely blog.I loveeeeeeeee your journals.Especially the birds and the rose.Thanks for sharing!

Beki said...

What a lovely post and gorgeous pictures.
It's my daughters birthday in 10 days and we have bought her a desk, i'm visulising her sat there writing her stories like the little girl in the picture.
Love the journals especially the roses and the butterflies, two of my favourite things.
Have a great weekend
Beki xxx

Tiffany said...

Lovely narrative to match with you artwork! I love the travel journals. I only wish that I could afford to travel so that I could use one!

LadyFi said...

Gorgeous narrative and wonderful notebooks...

Did you say you were now making them in a slightly bigger format?

Anonymous said...

Otroligt fina anteckningsböcker!

allu said...

Otroligt fina anteckningsböcker!

Snap said...

Well done! Loved the photos, the journals, the story ... all!

Jessie said...

oh, what a beautiful story to go with such beautiful journals! you make me want to travel and write and write and travel. you make me hungry for an adventure. ;)

angie {the arthur clan} said...

What a lovely adventure that was. Your photos were so dreamy and fit right with the story. :)

david mcmahon said...

Beautifully told and illustrated.

caroline said...

what a sweet fairytale. it was truly truly lovely

Ps:i've seen twilight, and Hannah montana - that's a confession...

STEFANIE said...

Very nice! :)

Artsnark said...

What fun :D

imbeingheldhostage said...

It's over? I was enjoying placing myself in that life. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

I was an imancipated Edwardian lady in a Henry James novel. Beautifully told and illustrated.

Worthy of your POTD

Sylvie Van Hulle said...

A lovely tale, I enjoyed it and was already dreaming away about far countries... hmmmmm :-)

Natalie said...

Loved the pics. - just beautiful. :D

Jewels said...

And this is why we blog.

Beautiful post!

mice said...

omg, so cute photos! ^^
You have really nice blog!

ZenaZ said...

Wonderful notebooks!!!

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