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Monday, May 11, 2009

Do you ever disappear / Brukar du någonsin försvinna

into that place where you don't know what time it is or how long you've been doing what you're doing, and later you realise you've taken over 200 photos - for instance - and you don't even know how that happened?
I'm just popping in to add these new books to the shop. The one with the ghost horse has ghost white pages; the others are mixed. / in i någonting, när man inte vet hur lång tid det gått och plötsligt har man tagit över två hundra bilder - till exempel - utan att veta hur det gått till?
Jag bara tittar in för att lägga till dessa nya böcker i butiken. Boken med spökhästen har spökvita sidor; de andra har blandade.

♥ Maria-Thérèse


a fanciful twist said...

You are soooo beautiful!!

Also, Your photos are incredible, mezmerizing me more and more every single time I see them!! The colors and lighting!

Sending some warmth to you! xoxo

(ps: I always get lost in time)

Snap said...

Wonderful photos ... I agree with Vanessa, you are beautiful and you do beautiful work. Love the ghost horse!

I disappear ... into my fantasy world with dragons and flowers and knights in shining armor ... which world is real? !!!!

Unknown said...

So beautiful... And yes, when I'm really in the zone that feeling will come over me and it's absolutely glorious. I love all of your work, that butterfly journal is calling my name... :)

Anonymous said...

Maria-Therese,The POTD stands for Post Of The Day, an honour given out by David at to posts he finds that he wants us all to read. Many of us who admire him, his words and photos, aspire to this honour.

I so admire your pictures and yes, for a great many years I thought myself invisible...still do sometimes.

Sara said...

I do that, sometimes, but when I am reading.
Yes, I do have grey hairs on my's genetic :(

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