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Monday, May 18, 2009

The little flowers that just won't quit / De små blommorna som inte ger sig

You may remember these flowers; I bought them on May 4th at half half off because they were not in very good shape and photographed them the next day. Well, these are the very same flowers on a photo from last night - two weeks later! They look practically the same today, sitting on top of my piano in the warmest room in my flat. This is probably the right time to tell you that I'm actually 96 years old and have also been sitting on top of my piano. Okay, not really, but I think these little flowers are spectacular because they're hanging on for so long.

Ni kanske kommer ihåg de här blommorna som jag köpte den fjärde maj för halva halva priset eftersom de var halvdöda och jag fotograferade dem nästa dag? Det här är samma blommor fotograferade sent i går kväll - två veckor senare! De ser i stort sett likadana ut idag där de står på pianot i lägenhetens varmaste rum. Kanske är det rätt tidpunkt att avslöja att jag i själva verket är 96 - jag har bara stått på pianot väldigt länge. Eller nej, men jag tycker blommorna gör det bra som står så här i två veckor med tanke på att de var på väg att slängas.


Snap said...

Your flowers are lovely ... mums I believe ... they hang on for a long time. Yes, the flower photos are all mine ... growing in Musashi's Garden!

Anonymous said...

I love Mums, They do keep for a while.My daughter bought me 12 roses for Mothers Day,they didnt last long.I took them out and tied a ribbon around them and put them ouside to dry them.They still smell lovely!

A Beautiful Party said...

very beautiful! i want to fill my apartment with long lasting flowers.
thanks for my last comment on my page. it made me laugh so hard!
I finally got your work and it's beautiful! and i love the little notebook!

Artsnark said...

Wow - you look great for your age ;D

caroline said...

impossible! wow, those flowers have been hanging on for a long time. YOU must have quite amazingly powers.

angie {the arthur clan} said...

That's amazing! Made the money you spent on them even more worth it. :) I love it when that happens!

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