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Monday, May 25, 2009


Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day. I signed the contract and sent my 11 photographs, collages and paintings to Hollywood! To celebrate that they are going to be in a movie, and because you're all so nice, here's a giveaway!
Igår var en solig, vacker dag. Jag skrev på kontraktet och skickade det tillsammans med mina 11 fotografier, collage och målningar till Hollywood! För att fira att de ska vara med i en film och för att ni är så rara kommer här en liten tävling.

This is what I'll be sending with love to anywhere in the world; a mixed paper softcover notebook with a butterfly photo by me on the cover and a 5x5 print of my pink orchid photograph!

Det här är vad jag kommer att skicka med kärlek till var som helst i världen: en anteckningsbok (mjuk) med blandade blad, fjärilsfoto av mig på omslaget, och ett 13x13 fotografi med den rosa orkidén!
To enter:
* please leave a comment and mention what item you like the most in my shop!
* If you link to from your site or blog you get one extra entry! Either a text link or a button.
* Also, please leave some way for me to contact you or check back on Friday to see if you won!

You do not need to have a blog to enter and you have until this Friday when I wake up to post your comment! :-)

För att vara med:
* lämna en kommentar och säg vad du tycker bäst om i min butik
* skriv också hur jag kan kontakta dig eller titta in på fredag för att se om du vunnit
* om du länkar till från din sida eller blogg får du en extra chans att vinna! Antingen textlänk eller med en knapp.

Du måste inte ha en blogg för att vara med. Fram till fredag när jag vaknar kan du lämna din kommentar här nedanför! :-)


Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

I love your journal's and your orchid pictures, so charming.x

Pretty Things said...

I am SO SO SO excited for you!!!!

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Maria-Therese! Congrats on the great news! How exciting! And such a lovely giveaway too! Yes, please add my name to the pot! I love the "communication" birdie collage you used for a couple of items.

Also, Thanks for coming to visit! I really appreciate your sweet comment! Have a great week!

Lisa :)

Sara said...

I know this is very selfish of me since I have a some pretties of yours, but this is so beautiful!
My favorite?

ittybittyandpretty said...

i love your tiny journals!! but dont count me in as i already have something of yours:) share the love!!
i am so happy for you
smooches rosey

Sarah said...

Ohhhh, I absolutely adore the bleeding hearts image in your wonderful Etsy shop. You are so talented and this is SO EXCITING. CONGRATULATIONS!

LadyFi said...

Once again, a big hug and hearty congratulations.

You want me to choose ONLY one thing!! Good heavens - are you mad?!

Ok.. the collage journals - the flower power one and the ice cream one. My favourites. I think. Although I love everything.

Snap said...

You know, I've always had a soft spot for the ghost horse! Love the journals with the butterflies. Your button is still up and I added a comment to my Blog of the Week post.

I'm so proud of you ... just call me your American Granny! :D

Farah said...

omg I am so in love with your blog! Everything is so pretty and nice. Especially love the journals, those are my favs. oh yeah and congrats on your going to Hollywood, good for you! =)
p/s:I am so going to be blog-stalking you! ;)

Anonymous said...

Maria-Therese,Your images and notebooks are simply divine and deserve to become Hollywood stars in their own right!

I would be so thrilled to receive some of your creations so here's a link to my favourite item in your shop:

I love these because you can buy nice big notepads in many places but gorgeous little handbag-sized ones are hard to find and I simply adore these designs :)

I've blogged about you and added a link to my sidebar here:

With love

Mindy said...

It's tough to pick a favorite, because orchids are my favorite flower and you have so many beautiful orchid pictures! For something useful I would have to say the notebook with the three butterflies is my favorite.

gunnelsvensson said...

Så svårt att välja en favorit - jag tycker mycket om flera av dina journaler. Men vad som mest slog mig när jag tittar är "gulgröna knoppar" - den är så härlig i färgen !

Anonymous said...

Hej Maria-Therese. I like you very much and Im very glad for the pictures you took of me for the girlcalendar. I like your Beach diary best. Hope to see you soon


caroline said...

i've said so many times that I love your work! and it was quite hard to choose one of them, but here it is: the mixed paper journal with butterfly collage cover. i'm so very fond of butterflies!
BUT if i could pick one more it must be the photo of the peter's church in Roma.

Btw, on my next trip to LA I sincerely hope to see your start on the hall of fame:P

caroline said...

see your STAR on the WALK of fame... det er ikke så lett med engelsk, når jeg egenlig er fra skandinavia..

Debra said...

My dear Maria-Therese!!!!

I have been so busy entertaining company for my Angel Daughter's graduation that I have not been able to visit my favorite blogs for a few days! Can I just tell you how very proud of you I am?????? HOLLYWOOD found you?!?!? I am so glad that you developed the confidence you needed to RUN with your business! Look at you. You are reaching for the stars and everything is possible, dear one. Everything. I feel like you are one of my own Angels and that you are achieving your dreams. Seeing you fly is just amazing! When you come out to Hollywood, you must come down to my little beach so that we can go on a treasure hunt together!

And as far as choosing a favorite from your creations, it is so hard! I love my "Two Bird" mixed paper journal so very much! But I also love my little garden photos, too. Hmmm, since having gone back over to your shop, I would have to say that your Mixed Paper journals are some of my favorites. I love the different pages that you use inside. Each page is like a little surprise! Now that my oldest has graduated into life, I will have to buy her some so that she can document her new beginnings.

I am so proud of you.


PS-Let me know if you would like some more seaglass. I have been doing a lot of hunting, lately, so I will have some more to share.

Tommy said...

Skicka en tiara anyday!

Debbie said...

Oh, this is one giveaway I would love to win! My favorite thing? The mixed paper journal with the hot pink pelagornium cover. Just gorgeous.

Artsnark said...

So tough to pick just 1. I'm torn between venice & the poet tree :D

Again, so very excited for you - congrats!

Anonymous said...

I love your beach journal. It makes me want to go to the beach and write and draw.

Joyti said...

In a movie! Congratulations!!!

Diana said...

I love ALL your work, it is absolutely charming and a refreshing change from the very bright, ultra-modern work that I see a lot of. One of my favourite pieces in your etsy shop is the fairy collage notebook - just love that image!

postal orphan said...

Congratulations on the movie deal! How cool to have your artwork in a movie. I love the things you've posted to the notebookism pool on flickr - and the recycled notebooks in your shop are so cool! Thanks for the opportunity to win some of your wonderful things!

A Beautiful Party said...

i hope i'm not too late! im always behind in blog land.
i love ALL your photos, they make the world seem magical. I have you linked on my blog, you don't have to tell me twice!
( :

The Jodi(e)s said...

oh, i just stumbled across your GORGEOUS blog and there's a giveaway.
ireally really am mad about the orchid photos - my favorite flower!

caroline said...

du måsta oppdatere din blogg etterhvert som meldinger fra holywood kommer!
gleder meg til å følge din store "american dream" gå i oppfyllelse!

Unknown said...

That is so exciting! Congratulations! I love everything in your shop, but this piece is really speaking to me today

Unknown said...

O my god, I have fallen in love with your blog! You are amazingly talented and you really inspire me!

Sylvie Van Hulle said...

My favorite thing is the mixed paper journal with the butterfly. It's so very very lovely. Congrats again!

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