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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Things my sister teaches me / Saker min syster lär mig

Sister: "Do you know the origin of the word quarantine?"
Me: "No... Actually I don't!"
Sister: "It means 40 days. During the Black Death they wouldn't let ships reach land for 40 days... They knew that after that time it was okay or something. And if you kill a bear you're not supposed to eat it!"
(This was extra strange since we're both vegetarians.)

My sister travels the world, hugs koalas, holds injured birds in her hands and swims with rehabilitated war dolphins in Israel. My sister the scientist with the looks of a supermodel; my sister who gave the most incredible speech at our beloved uncle's funeral - from now on I'll think of her not as my little sister but simply as my sister.

Syster: "Vet du var ordet karantän kommer ifrån?"
Jag: "Nej, faktiskt inte!"
Syster: "det betyder 40 dagar. när digerdöden härjade så lät man skepp inte komma i land på 40 dagar... man visste att efter den tiden var det okej elle nå åt d hållet. å om du dödar en björn ska man inte äta upp den."
(Det här var extra konstigt eftersom vi är vegetarianer båda två...)

Min syster reser runt jorden, kramar koalor, håller skadade fåglar i händerna och simmar med rehabiliterade krigsdelfiner i Israel. Min syster forskaren som ser ut som en supermodell; min syster som höll det mest otroliga tal på vår käre morbrors begravning - jag tänker inte på henne som min lillasyster längre utan bara som min syster.


ittybittyandpretty said...

beautiful! i love my sisters dearly and hold each one on a pedestal. sadly one of my sisters father in law passed away on friday so i too will be attending a funeral this week. he was a wonderful man, a vietnam war vetran, a loving grandfather and always ready for a chat. he will be greatly missed by his 4 children and their families. %*_*%

Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

So sorry you have lost your uncle.
It is good to have your family around you.
I have two sisters and they are always my close friends no matter what.x

Anonymous said...

This post touched my heart, thank you for sharing it. My condolences.

-Natalie...who will try very hard to never kill a bear but if she does will certainly not eat it now.

ittybittyandpretty said...

hello sweets, to answer your questions: yes my children go to a catholic school which expects them to wear a uniform. i have almost spent $400 on uniforms for the two of them, but if they take care we can use them again and again.
i teach primary school children. this year i have grade three again. the children are mostly 7years old turning 8 or some 8years old turning 9. i teach at a different school to where my children go but it is also a catholic school with beautiful children and families.
i am working part time again this year, i will work 5 days a fortnight. every monday and tuesday and then every second wednesday. we do teach every subject but i will share the load with my gorgeous teaching partner michelle. it is a great job and i do love it but i would prefer to be home with my girls. big smooches %*_*%

angie {the arthur clan} said...

I also am lucky to count my sisters as my very best friends in this world. Can't imagine life without them!

So sorry to hear about the passing of your uncle. That's so tough ~ I'm glad you had your sister there with you.

Debbie said...

I am so sorry you lost your uncle.
I love the story about your sister.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute to your sister. My sisters are some of my best friends too!

Very sorry indeed to hear about your uncle.

And about your book: good for you for taking it back from the publishers who want to change everything. They are obviously not the ones for you. Keep looking!

Anonymous said...

Ja, ja... ok... OM man (eller jag) hamnar i den situationen att jag dödat en björn, varför ska jag inte äta den? (Förutom det rent principiella). Eller ska jag vänta i 40 dagar? Inte för att jag brukar döda björnar, men vill vara förberedd...

Anonymous said...

Wow. Tack för inlägget syss ! :D

A Beautiful Party said...

very sweet story. and no bear killings!

Doda said...

Sorry about your loss.

What an interesting sounding sister you have!

Debra said...

This is an absolutely beautiful tribute to your dear sister. You are both so lovely. Your parents must be very, very proud.

I am so sorry about the loss of your beloved Uncle. May you take solace in his memory.


Anonymous said...

Tycker om din syster!

Anonymous said...

Min syster hade en festlig ovana att gömma kött i min mat. En gång hittade jag en räka i min fruktsallad, hon hoppade då gapskrattande fram från sitt gömställe och ropade: "FRUTTI DE MARE!"

Anonymous said...

Beklagar också det som hänt din morbror.. Memento mori

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