Saturday, August 24, 2013

Interviewed by A Beautiful Party


Four years ago, when I had very recently started my business, I was interviewed by Ann at A Beautiful Party about what a typical day in my life was like. She just made a follow-up interview and they can both be found here. I don't know why I sent her bad mobile pics the first time, but I guess I wanted it to be very documentary or whatever. It was interesting to look back and see how much my business has grown since then.

För fyra år sedan, när jag väldigt nyligen startat mitt företag afiori, blev jag intervjuad av Ann på A Beautiful Party om en typisk dag i mitt liv. Hon gjorde nyss en ny intervju för att kolla vad som hänt sedan dess och båda två finns att läsa här. Vet inte varför jag gav henne kassa mobilbilder första gången, antar att jag ville att det skulle vara väldigt dokumentärt eller något. Intressant att titta tillbaka och se hur mycket mitt företag vuxit sedan dess.


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A Beautiful Party said...

Seeing how much your business has grown over the years has given me hope for mine. I remember when you took it on full time and I admired that so much. Now I'm giving it a go and it's scary and I always feel a little unsure of what I'm doing but I am so inspired by you! I'm so happy for all the success you have seen over the years! I'm honored to have you as an "internet friend." ( :

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