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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tea Party giveaway - don't forget! / Tékalastävlingen - glöm ej!

Have you been to my Tea party yet? Giveaway ends Thursday morning when I wake up (ie Swedish time), so you have until then to sign up. You are of course always welcome to have a cup of tea though! Winners to be announced sometime Thursday.
Har ni besökt mitt tékalas än? Tävlingen slutar när jag vaknar på torsdag, så man kan vara med fram till dess. Ni är förstås alltid välkomna in på en kopp té! Vinnarna tillkännages någon gång på torsdag.



Marit said...

Since I discovered you last weekend, I've been here on a regular base. I like to "taste" new blogs for a while but now I can tell... you STAY! You're in my bloglist dear, and I just put something for you on my blog... you deserve it!!!

LadyFi said...


bicocacolors said...

what a beautiful photos!!!
greetings from spain

Anna said...

Jag diggar din blogg! Min mamma köpte en fin liten bok av dig på Jamtli vårmarknad och efter det har jag kikat in här då och då. :)

Ju said...

Its so nice to see the summer pictures, when the winter ones seemed like a week ago... You and that bunny are truly adorable. xx

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