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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wendela Isabel

My cousin's granddaughter Wendela Isabel, born on May 2nd, with her parents Malin and Patrik. Photographed by me for her first appearance in a newspaper :-) / Min kusins barnbarn Wendela Isabel, född 2 maj, tillsammans med föräldrarna Malin och Patrik. Fotograferad av mig för att hamna i tidningen första gången :-)



Farah said...

awww....she's such a tiny baby...=)

Becky said...

Oh so adorable and tiny.My oldest was wee little.You know the babys mOm looks a bit like you.

Snap said...

Congratulations! Such nice photos.

theArthurClan said...

She is so teeny-tiny and adorable! Awwww!!

Athena. said...

Awww, she's gorgeous :)

Debra W said...

Beautiful! A true little angel.


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