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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

On my table / På mitt bord



Elin said...

så fint det blev :)

Flying Whale said...

Mmmm, those look like ranunculus... one of my fave flowers, i LoVe them!

Sara said...

the flowers are beautiful!! Like, really really beautiful!

And about the wedding, I think it's the anticipation and the glamor. I do feel bad for royalty in general, like for example, Princess Diana and Princess Victoria and the eating disorders they suffered (let alone the fact that Lady Di was killed)

It's just all lady-like if you know what I mean? With a big dress, and a and...just that, I guess.

I would think a monarchy in 2011 is not that bad as long as there is an acting parliament, a proper one if I may say..

Creatissimo said...

O, it looks like we both have flowers in our minds today ;). Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog - it is interesting that some people find my (short) posts deep, and some not :). I guess it's how we see the World and Life.
It's great to get some feedback...
Have a nice day (and PS: the pictures are great, my fav is no 2, but I like the 'atmosphere' in all of them).

Elisabeth said...

De här bilderna väcker starka barndomsminnen hos mig. Färgkombinationerna ger associationer till en speciell sorts bokmärken jag fick som barn. Dessa bilder är ljuvliga i sin ton.

Cecilia N said...

Stön så fina!

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