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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Not a penny from the insurance / Inte ett öre från Länsförsäkringar, men jag fick åtminstone prata med en robot

Everything I had made was ruined at my last exhibition. Countless hours, carefully handmade items and a monetary value of over $1000. I just received this letter from my insurance company saying that since the water damage was caused by humidity and not a leaking pipe, I am not covered. I called the person who had signed the letter and she epitomized the unhuman bureaucrat, repeating, like a tape recording, that they could not help with this. When I tried to argue with her, she also had the audacity to say that they were not a social aid organization (!) - to which my reply was far too polite. There should be some amount of human decency and the ability to take in an entire situation. All I know is that I have never received any help from any insurance so far in my life even though a lot of things have happened. The damage has to be the exact right one; the perfect fit for a very narrow bureaucratical slot. Things like consideration and human decency should be left at the door in order to place yourself sufficiently above a person who is already in a difficult situation. And there are always, conveniently, rules to blame.

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Allt jag hade gjort blev förstört vid min senaste utställning. Otaliga timmar, omsorgsfullt handgjorda saker och ett värde över 7000 kr. Jag fick nyss detta brev från Länsförsäkringar där det står att försäkringen bara gäller om skadan orsakats av vätska eller ånga som oberäknat strömmat ut ifrån ledningssystem osv - ni ser själva. Sakerna skadades av vatten men eftersom det inte var från ett rör som gått sönder får jag ingen ersättning alls. Jag ringde människan som undertecknat brevet och hon förkroppsligade den stereotypa, personlighetslösa byråkraten när hon upprepade, som ett inspelat band, att de inte kunde hjälpa till med det här. När jag försökte argumentera var hon dessutom oförskämd nog att påpeka att de inte är en social hjälpinrättning (!) - vilket jag svarade alldeles för artigt på. Det borde kunna finnas en helhetssyn och en sorts grundläggande mänsklighet, men det tycker jag alltför ofta brister när man har med myndigheter o.dyl. att göra. Jag vet bara att jag hittills i mitt liv aldrig fått hjälp från en försäkring trots att jag råkat ut för en del. Det gäller att det är rätt sorts skada som perfekt passar in i deras snäva, lilla byråkratmall. Det gäller att lämna vänlighet och anständighet vid dörren och att sätta sig över den som redan är i en svår situation. Det finns ju alltid regler att skylla på.

P.S. And this is why, Eva Åberg at Länsförsäkringar, I will be leaving your insurance company after years of paying the bills. Because of your nasty remark. I never publish personal arguments or letters and this was not one of them. When you talk to me you represent an entire company. It's the voice of a company toward one of their clients, one who will not tolerate this kind of treatment.
P.S. Och detta, Eva Åberg på Länsförsäkringar, är anledningen till att jag kommer att lämna ert försäkringsbolag efter att ha betalat räkningarna i många år. På grund av din otrevliga kommentar. Jag publicerar aldrig personliga gräl eller brev; detta var inte ett sådant. När du pratar med mig representerar du ett helt företag. Det är företagets röst mot en av sina klienter, en som inte tolererar sådan behandling.



LadyFi said...

Oh, that sucks. So sorry to hear this! Darn that red tape!

anna said...

Yes that really SUCKS! Sometimes you wonder (same experience) why you even have an insurance at all!

Victoria Sayer said...

I was going to say, "It sucks!"...but I see it's already been said. Maybe try changing to another insurance company...and spell out exactly what YOU want your coverage to be, in writing.
Yes the non-people who work in the insurance companies are cut from much the same cloth as those who work in banks.
(eg. 'Barbara from Bank World')
For a chuckle, and to maybe brighten your day a bit, click on the highlighted links in this posting I did a while ago .

Hope things brighten up for you.

michelleK said...

Oh I am so sorry. That is insurance for you. If its not done by the book they don't give a pickle about you. It's all a money making matter. It sux really.

It is so sad that our whole society is built around money. What happened to kindness and love making the world go round :/ .

ittybittyandpretty said...

i hate the rage that builds up when you are on the phone to someone who does not see reason...i feel so angry for you. sending you big hugs from down under.

Katarina Cinnamon said...

Vad sniket av dem att inte låta dig få ut på försäkringen, sucka alltså.

Snap said...

insurance ... you can't live it and can't live without it...there is always a *clause* that gets them out of paying while they continue to raise their rates and lower their coverage. strange business that makes its money ripping it's customers off with glee and ... gets away with it.

Artsnark said...

Yuck! SO sorry to hear this. Hope you can salvage something out of all this mess

Debra said...

Maybe they taught you a valuable lesson. That you should lie next time in order to collect money on a claim??? Maybe you should have laid everything next to your kitchen sink and accidently on purpose, claimed there was a small flood? Ridiculous, dear one, absolutely ridiculous! I am very glad that you decided to cancel your business with these people! Such scammers!


Marit said...

Good for you!!! You're my kinda girl!

Debbie said...

Insurance companies really raise my blood pressure. They are so skilled at never providing us with any benefits.
I am so very sorry this happened to you. So sorry.

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry, all that hard work :(

Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

This is awful, I hope you can get some thing back for all your hard work.
M x

Trace said...

I am so sorry to learn of that! Never liked insurance companies--period!

Have you thought of ways to possibly try to recover some of your work? Just a thought, but perhaps try ironing some of the paper at a low level setting (test first!) to see if that will help get rid of the waves from water damage that were not stained. I remember in school I had a maths teacher that wanted us to iron our homework so it was flawless-a little crazy but it looked nice as long as it is not too hot..!

Perhaps just googling on the subject may give you some other ideas.

Best of luck!

Tracy :o)

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