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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

7 things you didn't know about me / 7 saker du inte visste om mig

Stephanie of Narrating Self has given me the Beautiful Blogger Award! Thank you so much! You should have a look at the beautiful drawings on her blog. I am now supposed to tell you seven things you did not know about me, and also pass the award on to seven other bloggers, so here goes:

1. I started school a year early and university 2 years early.
2. I learnt things about language, literature, art history and also how rude people can be when you are very young and academically ahead of them, even though you certainly didn't possess knowledge out of spite.
3. The first day of school I was served blood pudding for lunch. I said I was a vegetarian; cafeteria lady said "This is not meat. This is blood pudding". From that day on, we hated each other.
4. I have never had tea with milk.
5. One of my favourite colour combinations is red and yellow.
6. I tend to feel annoyed when people complain about work when there is no specific problem. There are so many unemployed who would love to have their jobs. Those of us who are lucky enough to have been born here, at least, can get a really good education for free; there is childcare and almost free healthcare. You can choose to do almost anything, so I think that if you can't change your job and don't like it, you should try to do something you really want instead.
7. I find
this site really interesting!

little Maria-Thérèse, photo by mum

Stephanie som skriver bloggen Narrating Self har gett mig utmärkelsen Beautiful Blogger! Tack så mycket! Ta en titt på de fina teckningarna i hennes blogg. Jag ska nu berätta sju saker ni inte visste om mig och skicka vidare till sju andra bloggare.

1. Jag började skolan ett år tidigare och universitetet två år tidigare.
2. Jag lärde mig saker om språk, litteratur, konsthistoria och även att många tycker sig ha rätt att vara oförskämda mot någon som är väldigt ung men ligger före akademiskt, även om man inte skaffat sina kunskaper för att reta upp folk.
3. Första dagen i skolan fick jag blodpudding till lunch. Jag sa att jag var vegetarian; mattanten sa att det inte var kött utan blodpudding. Från den dagen hatade vi varandra.
4. Jag har aldrig druckit té med mjölk.
5. En av mina favoritfärgkombinationer är gult och rött.
6. Jag blir lätt irriterad när folk klagar på sina jobb utan att det är något speciellt problem. Det finns så många arbetslösa som gärna skulle vilja ha deras jobb. Vi som haft tur nog att födas här kan få en bra utbildning gratis och kan välja att göra nästan vad som helst; det finns dagis och billig sjukvård. Jag tycker att om man är missnöjd med sitt jobb, och inte kan förbättra det, ska man försöka göra det man verkligen vill i stället.
7. Jag tycker att
den här sidan (klicka) är väldigt intressant!

I would like to pass this on to seven of my newest beautiful blog finds: Catalina, Suzie, Bella, Andrea, a faeritale of inspiration, Fleur Avenue and Trishie.
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Ju said...

Aww, it's very nice to get to know you.
I also love red and yellow together.
I laughed about the dinner lady serving you a "vegetarian" blood pudding.

stephie @ narrative self said...

Blood pudding? ugh, what a thought! I love the blogs you chose, really inspiring. And thank you for your very kind comments about my work :)

Andrea said...

Hi Maria-Thérèse,
Thank you for the award! I am honored that you enjoy my blog...It has been an interesting trip!
I just posted my 7 things...
Oddly I had a very similar experience in high school with a cafeteria "lady"...Man, she was AWFUL! Heh.
I liked learning these things about you...I wish I could write mine in two languages!

Marilynne said...

Someone loved you enough to crochet a sweet pink dress for you. All baby girls should have at least one crocheted dress.

Artsnark said...

fun post & such a cute photo!

trishie said...

Thanks for the passing the award to me, you're truly beautiful!

LadyFi said...

Gah... blood pudding is vegetarian? Since when has eating congealed blood been veggie? Usch!

And you are too cute as a baby!

Unknown said...

thanks for giving us these little snippets, I hate to even imagine what blood pudding is :(

thanks for the award, I will get on with it pronto x

Ruthie Redden said...

Lovely to learn wee bits & pieces about others. thank you so much for the award! please do not be offended if i do not pass it on, i have received rather alot of awards this past few weeks and am decided i do not have the time to do them all. but we love that you awarded it to us still x x

Eileen said...

Thank you so much for honoring me with this award! Your blog is truly lovely and I am more than happy to pass the award on. Thanks again for thinking of me.

Eileen said...

Oh, and I meant to add that I enjoyed reading your list. :)

julochka said...

i love that precious little crocheted dress!

A Beautiful Party said...

Number three is so funny. and I know what you mean about mean people in school. just glad those years are over.
( :

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