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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Guess what? / Gissa vad?

It snowed some more! Det snöade ännu mer!

Person on roof caught me taking photos with my mobile phone, waved and went like this:
Person på taket såg att jag tog bilder med mobilen, vinkade och gjorde då så här:



LadyFi said...

Good heavens - that is the hugest mountain of snow I've ever seen!

Debra said...

Oh friend, take a flight out to California RIGHT NOW! I promise you warm, balmy breezes and sunshine!


Artsnark said...

wow! makes me want to go sledding

Pretty Things said...


We're getting (they say) another foot to two feet in the next two days!

Debbie said...

Thank goodness! I was afraid you might be able to walk around out there soon:)

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