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Monday, November 9, 2009

Little house, big house

My mum's new birdhouse and her people's house.
Min mammas nya fågelhus och hennes människohus.


Frozen lingonberries
Frusna lingon



A Beautiful Party said...

both houses are so gorgeous! i can't wait till i have my own home.

Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

Ah!They belong together. Both are adorable and the misty atmospheric day is so moody and inspiring. Not to mention a cute kitteh with attitude.

Debbie said...

The two houses are perfect! Love the kitty too.

SophiArtWork said...

I came from Sweden 38 years ago and felt so at home when I saw the houses. I enjoyed being able to read the Swedish and English texts.And also being an artist..I love your work!

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