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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pale photographs and my book / Bleka fotografier och min bok

About my upcoming book: It is mainly in Swedish but there will be around 8 illustrations and an English poem at the end, a sort of lullaby / epilogue. Yes, the book will be available in the US and all other countries through online bookstores. It will be printed on Monday so keep your fingers crossed that everything will go well.
Angående min bok: Den är på svenska men det kommer att finnas med cirka 8 illustrationer och en engelsk dikt på slutet, en sorts vaggvisa / epilog. Boken kommer att finnas i USA och alla andra länder via internetbokhandlar. Den går till tryck på måndag så håll tummarna att allt kommer att gå bra.

I have added a few new photographs to my shop. I've been thinking a lot lately about whether or not I should create another shop because I have many photographs in this style, sort of pale, very light, slightly worn. I don't want them to disappear among my more colourful photographs and I don't want my shop to have too many items to go through. For now, these are in my regular afiori shop but it's just a few of them.

Jag har lagt till några nya fotografier i min butik. Jag har funderat mycket på om jag ska starta en till butik eftersom jag har så många fotografier i liknande stil, ljusa, bleka, lite slitna. Jag vill inte att de ska försvinna bland mina mer färgstarka konstfotografier och jag vill inte att butiken ska ha för många saker att gå igenom. Tills vidare är de här i min vanliga afioributik men det här är bara några av bilderna.



Ju said...

Wow congratulations darling. It looks like your business is doing quite well. You're a very talented person.
Will it be on sale here in the UK too? I would love to buy it.

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Yep, it will be available everywhere - hopefully - I'll have to get back with the details.

Artsnark said...

Congrats on the book!

The multi-shop question can be a challenge - I'm trying (& failing) to figure out how to best organize my etsy shops' chaos.

Sorry about my confusing post. I missed Random Thoughts Tuesday - I think I over did the random today when trying to make up for it - LOL

Joyti said...

How exciting...congratulations on being published! I hope to be available to find it on Amazon?

LadyFi said...

Wonderful news! Be sure to sell it in your shop too!

Lola said...

Such lovely photographs!
And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you :)

hens teeth said...

Big congratulations with your book and your poetry in general.
Thanks for your comment and for knowing the song title :-)

Farah said...

Wow wow, congrats on the book!

Thanks for the comment on my blog, yeap I have been following your blog long enough to know that your work will be used a movie with Leighton Meester in it. I absolutely adore her. She is gorgeous and kind of looks like a cute little doll to me with her perfect skin and hair. Don't you think?

Hmm..I would really love to use your notebooks, maybe for my wedding (??!!).

Sorry I'm writing a whole novel here, I couldn't find your email address. sorry love! :)

p/s: we are all so happy for you! xoxo

Debra said...

Soft and lovely, just like you, dear heart...

I will need an autographed copy, straight from my dear friend. You will have to let me know how we can arrange that when the time comes!

You continue to awe me! Like I always say, I am SOOO proud of you, Maria Therese.

Hugs and love,

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