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Sunday, March 29, 2009

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I'm Maria-Thérèse Andersson, an art photographer, writer, creative person living my dream at and in Härnösand, Sweden.

I have loved to create things since the day I was born: drawing, writing, taking photographs, creating collages, designing, sewing... My grandmother taught me a lot when I was a little girl and spent time with her instead of being at kindergarten.

photo by Tobias Ottosson

My work often deals with presence: being there, being absent; what is hidden underneath something else, things you cannot reach and the desire to be free.

I often combine photography and painting, and many are surprised to learn that I do not have Photoshop! I prefer to use my hands and "actual" paint, in a more physical way. I learnt classical photography when I was very young.

I love to travel and go to Italy every year to experience art, architecture and gelato! :) Two of my favourite cities are Rome and London.

Apart from creating art, I am also very interested in languages, literature and art history, so after my academic education I worked as a teacher for a while and wanted to study for a PhD. Creativity - art - took over and in February 2009 I turned my passions into a business instead and afiori was born.

In my shop I sell photographs, collages and unique notebooks, all handmade and designed by me.

I am pleased to be featured by Lovely Clusters,, which I think is an absolutely gorgeous collection of design and art.

My blog, as you will see, is about creativity, inspiration and my day-to-day life. I love "meeting" people this way. Hope you enjoy your visit and please leave a note to say hi!

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