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Thursday, September 11, 2008

One day

I just read a comment on a different site; it was about a covered journal packed with content and the comment said: "One day I wish to make one of those types of books for myself".

One day? Those types of books?

What strikes me is that it's quite easy to make a book like that, if the commentator meant a notebook covered with maps or decorative paper. You take a book, glue paper to the cover and there you go. If the person meant a journal bursting with notes and sketches, that takes a bit longer to do but is by no means difficult or insurmountable.

What annoys me, not particularly in this instance but generally, is the "one day" thinking.
I am not saying that it is somehow bad to wish for things to happen, and everything can't happen at once, but you can start.

Some dreams and wishes may be really easy to achieve, and yet I see those who hesitate or don't try. When I find myself doing this it's either because of laziness or lack of faith. I usually push myself to just go ahead and do whatever it is, and if I really want to judge what I've done to see if it's good enough or art enough or blabla I do it after the thing in question exists. If you think about making a notebook, well, you have a notebook in your mind, but take it one step further and the notebook will be lying on your desk and you turned your idea into something tangible.

When it comes to journals and art journals I think it's important to just put your stuff in there and not care too much about any invisible eyes that may be watching you. Drizzle paint, write in the dark, see what happens if you let drops of ink fall on the pages and blow them around or close the book, paste in receipts, staple in a note with a cryptic message you wrote to yourself and forgot why.

Above all: If you're curious about something, why not try?
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