Saturday, January 21, 2012

Newspaper article by me + more pics than in the paper / Artikel om Bengt Lindström och Anders Lidén av mig - och fler bilder än i tidningen

It's been a while since I wrote anything for a newspaper but today an article with text and photos by me can be read in Tidningen Ångermanland. It's about an exhibition of artist Bengt Lindström's work, arranged by the Härnösand Art Society and about artist Anders Lidén who spoke about Lindström at the opening. They knew each other since Anders was a baby so he told lots of interesting stories and even had an old sketchbook with him where Lindström had practised writing his autograph over and over again :) The large black and white photo was taken before my time but the other two are mine. I had also submitted two more, a still life and a landscape:
Nu är det första gången på länge som jag har en artikel publicerad i Tidningen Ångermanland; denna är med i dag och handlar om en utställning med verk av Bengt Lindström som just nu ställs ut av den ideella Härnösands Konstförening på Härnösands Konsthall. Den svartvita bilden överst i artikeln är tagen före min tid, de andra två av mig. Hade även skickat in två till, ett blomsterstilleben och en bro i Härnösand:

If you don't know Bengt Lindström's art, have a look at and you'll see how different these early works are to the very famous ones he created from the 1960s onward, which is also part of what the exhibition is about, showing his lesser known, or even unknown, work.
Som ni ser om ni läser min artikel nedan handlar utställningen mycket om att visa Bengt Lindströms mindre kända verk fram till 60-talet. På hemsidan  finns en hel del målningar som man lättare känner igen som hans.

Artist Anders Lidén talking about Bengt Lindström and showing one of his old sketchbooks

Click image to see a large scan of the text (Swedish) / Klicka på bilden så kommer en scannad, läsbar version av texten fram



Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

So interesting, I would love to see this exhibit in person. Congrats on your article. Hope you are off to a happy new week!

xo Mary Jo

elisa said...

I had never heard of Bengt Lindstrom before. He's got such interesting pieces. Thanks for sharing.

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