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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to extract film from a rewound roll / Hur man drar ut film ur en tillbakaspolad filmrulle

Scenario: you need to pull out film from an exposed roll of film for some reason. (My reason: to make double exposures.) You have no film leader extractor / tongue puller; there's no photo lab in your town or you're in a hurry. What do you do? You either search online and try bizarre methods or skip to this one which actually works (my first try was successful).

1. Cut a sturdy but flexible piece of paper about 3-4" long and attach double-sided tape to one side. Stuff it into the cassette with the sticky side facing the centre of the roll until the paper stops. You can also twist the center a bit to pull the paper in more.


2. Pull out the film! Yay, it works! Now you can put it back into the camera and make double exposures or whatever else you had in mind.

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