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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How the magic happened / Hur det magiska hände

The magic I referred to yesterday; I woke up with the strange feeling that I had done something and forgotten all about it. Some sort of work. I had gone for a walk. I had been cold because I'd forgotten my mittens. Oh -
I started my computer and was almost afraid to open the new folder -
There were fifteen new, good photographs, all finished, and a bunch of okay photos too. I know I took them but it was effortless in a strange sort of way. Does this happen to you? You lose yourself in something, create tons of new work and somehow almost forget about it or think it was all a dream. I do this sometimes and the results are usually good but for someone who likes to always be in complete control it is rather peculiar even though I did do all of this myself. As to how the magic happened, I don't know, but it is always a welcomed guest.

Magin som jag nämnde igår - jag vaknade med en underlig känsla av att jag gjort någonting och helt glömt bort det. Någon sorts jobb. Jag hade gått på en promenad. Jag hade frusit för jag hade glömt vantarna hemma. Just det -
Jag slog på datorn och var nästan rädd att öppna mappen.
Det fanns femton nya, bra fotografier där, helt färdiga, och en hel hög med ganska bra fotografier. Jag vet att det är jag som har tagit dem men det gick utan ansträngning, på ett underligt vis. Händer det er någon gång? Att man helt går upp i någonting, skapar en massa nytt och glömmer bort det efteråt eller det känns som det var en dröm? Ibland händer det mig och oftast brukar resultatet vara bra. Det är bara väldigt konstigt för en som alltid vill ha full kontroll. Så jag vet inte hur det magiska hände men den sortens magi är alltid välkommen och det var ändå jag som gjorde alltihop.

Chocolate buds! Chokladknoppar!

I added this one to my Etsy shop last night. The others are also available; they are just not in my shop yet. This one is called The Opened Cage. Click and click again in the shop window to see it larger (although still low resolution).
Jag lade till den här i min butik igår kväll. De andra går också att köpa; de finns bara inte i butiken än. Den här heter Den öppnade buren. Klicka och klicka en gång till i butiken för att se bilden större (även om den fortfarande har låg upplösning).

Furthermore, I would like miss Allen to express herself on my behalf regarding a stupid, work-related rejection letter I received today. While I am normally more well-behaved, sometimes this is the only adequate response to people who are unwilling to use five minutes of their time to realise your potential.
Jag tänker nu låta Lily Allen uttrycka sig å mina vägnar angående ett fånigt, jobbrelaterat ickebrev jag fick idag. Även om jag i vanliga fall beter mig bättre tycker jag att detta ibland är det enda passande svaret till människor som inte ens ägnar fem minuter av sin tid till att se någons potential.

p.s. I think she sings "slew", not "sued".



LadyFi said...

Great photos!

Sorry to hear about the rejection letter... Some people are fools!

Hanna Persson said...

jag hann också med en stunds magi tidigare idag, den ska jag leva på resten av veckan!

Debra said...

Have I told you how very much I love you, dear one!?!? My seventeen year old daughter and I LOVED the video and I am still laughing as the song rings merrily throughout my brain. It is so perfect and useful for many different occasions!

Let me know who sent you the rejection letter and I will explain their loss of a wonderful opportunity! YOU ARE FABULOUS! Don't ever allow the ignorant to bring you down.

Beautiful photos.


Debra said...

I just went to try to purchase your poetry book and found out that it's only written in "elfish" so far. I do wish that I could speak elfish, but since I cannot, I will have to wait. How about you translate and I send you another goody package from the Pacific ocean?


ittybittyandpretty said...

i vow to one day sit in your lounge room and clink a glass of champagne!! you my friend are the perfect remedy to any bad day!

Unknown said...

Ahhh these are magical. I love your story about how they somehow just "came to be". Letting go of control is a difficult one for me too, but when I do creatively some of the best things happen.

As for the rejection, that song is perfecto! hehe :)

Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

Beautiful and magical as always! I think that what you described is that sense of magic and creative bliss that we all seek when we create. Isn't it amazing when it happens?

Love that song! Hehee. Just what I needed to hear to keep in mind when the "bastards" try to keep me down!

* big grin *

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